Work From Home Lawsuits Against Businesses in California
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Work From Home Lawsuits Against Businesses in California

Remote work was not always a widespread phenomenon, but with the changing times, many companies have found ways to allow their employees to do their job from their homes. Some companies have even switched to remote work as a permanent way of conducting business. And while employees may be able to save some money on gas or public transportation expenses, there are other costs and risks that exist when employees leave the office building and do their work from home.

As a result, the laws have changed with respect to businesses’ responsibilities and obligations to their employees in California. Therefore it is imperative for business owners to stay up to date on current laws and then take the most appropriate actions necessary to avoid costly lawsuits. 

If your business is facing a lawsuit from one of your employees, you can call on the Los Angeles business litigation attorney at the Leiva Law Firm for assistance.

Remote Work Lawsuits Against California Business Owners

Work From Home Lawsuits Against Businesses in CaliforniaNot only does the transition from working in an office building to working from home mean that businesses can have new cybersecurity risks and concerns over intellectual property, but they also may have some other costs that they have to account for. In particular, reimbursement for operating costs at home is a big one. Under California labor laws, businesses must pay for the following expenses incurred by employees that work remotely:

  • Internet
  • Phone
  • Expenses imposed on the employee by their employer

As a result, businesses should take proactive steps to ensure that they can avoid the frustration of lawsuits from employees looking for reimbursement for their work-from-home costs. Some of these actions can include:

  • Review employee handbooks and make updates and adjustments to them where applicable. Or if you need assistance drafting a detailed and comprehensive employee handbook, you can call on the Los Angeles employment lawyer at the Leiva Law Firm.
  • Review practices that exist within the office and those that may exist for remote employees.
  • Keep track of all expenses.
  • Be specific on the costs that you will reimburse for employees that work from home.

Having employees work from home may make the most sense for your business and be welcome by your staff. But, there are considerations that must be taken into account when allowing remote work in the state of California. One of them is that some work-related expenses that employees will have due to their working environment may be your responsibility to reimburse. Failure to do so or not having policies in place addressing reimbursement could put your business in jeopardy of a legal suit.

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Avoiding legal suits is the most ideal situation for a business to be in, but when one does arise, business owners should arm themselves with the most effective and seasoned business attorney to safeguard their best interests. For help with legal suits or assistance with employee relations, please schedule your free consultation with the Los Angeles business litigation attorney at the Leiva Law Firm at (818) 519-4465. 

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