Why Your Business Can Benefit from Working with An Attorney Even If You are Not in a Legal Dispute
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Why Your Business Can Benefit from An Attorney, Even if You are Not in a Legal Dispute

A business owner has to make many important decisions on a wide variety of issues daily. It is imperative that these decisions are made thoughtfully and strategically. Not only does the decision-making process affect the success of a business, but making the wrong judgment or taking an inappropriate action could lead to costly and time-consuming legal challenges. Running any type of business is a complicated task. Not only does a business owner have to be an expert in their field and industry, be thoughtful and cunning to beat the competition, but a business owner must also be familiar with the rules, laws, and guidelines that they must abide by.

Even when a business owner is on point and able to make all of the right choices, there is still the very real possibility that legal disputes can come about. When this happens, consulting with a legal professional who practices business law can be advantageous. Litigation can be highly complicated, but when business owner has a skilled legal mind on their side, they are best positioned to handle these disputes and have an improved chance of securing the most favorable possible outcome. 

While having a legal professional on your side when you are facing a lawsuit is incredibly helpful, there are other actions that business owners will do which could also benefit from having an attorney’s assistance. If you operate a business in California, having a good relationship with a reliable, trustworthy, and experienced legal professional is essential. The Los Angeles business attorney at the Leiva Law Firm can help you not only with business litigation but with all matters related to the running of your business and its lawful operations.

When is Working with a Business Attorney Helpful?

Why Your Business Can Benefit from Working with An Attorney Even If You are Not in a Legal DisputeThere are fairly obvious reasons why having the assistance of an attorney when a legal suit comes about would be a good idea. But, there are other instances that do not involve lawsuits where consulting with a business lawyer can also be constructive.

An attorney can help with any of the following necessary actions:

  • Helping create a business name that does not have a trademark.
  • Identifying permits and licenses that may be necessary and helping the application process.
  • Assistance writing an employee handbook.
  • Help with putting together a comprehensive business plan.
  • Drafting agreements and contracts.
  • Reviewing contracts.
  • Assistance with buy-ins and partnerships.
  • Debt collection.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Purchasing or selling real estate.

There are many things that a business owner can benefit from having an attorney’s assistance. This list is just a sampling of the ways a business attorney can help a business owner be successful and run their company in compliance with the law.

Speak with an Attorney at the Leiva Law Firm Today

If you are a new company starting up or you have been in business for many years, you may benefit from the help of an attorney. California business owners are welcome to schedule a free consultation with an attorney at the Leiva Law Firm to go over their needs by calling (818) 519-4465.


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