What Your Los Angeles Dental Space-Sharing Agreement Should Include
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What Your Los Angeles Dental Space-Sharing Agreement Should Include

Establishing a dental practice or running an operation smoothly and efficiently is not only hard work but also very costly. It is common for dentists, specifically those who practice the same specialty, to work together by space sharing. There are several benefits to space sharing including dividing the costs, working together to manage the practice, and offering more professional flexibility. Working with another dentist can help you choose a work schedule that is suitable for you whether that be only working specific days or working most days of the week for a couple of specified hours. The arrangement that you work out with a fellow dentist also ensures that your patients have consistent access to their specific dental services because you and your partner can keep the business covered.

If you are considering a space-sharing plan with another dentist in California because of some or all of the benefits that come with it, to best protect yourself it is a good idea to move forward with the help of an experienced California dental lawyer. It is important to understand the benefits but also the drawbacks and potential difficulties a shared space can lead to. When you work with a Los Angeles dental law attorney at Leiva Law, you will have the legal counsel you need to understand what your rights are under the law as well as your role and your duty with such an arrangement. One aspect that is critical to your success working with another dentist, your future finances, and safeguarding your practice is to develop a comprehensive space-sharing agreement.

What Your Los Angeles Dental Space-Sharing Agreement Should Include

What is Included in a Calfornia Dental Space Sharing Agreement?

A well-written and detailed dental space-sharing agreement in California lays out the process and the ground rules that you and your fellow dentist will follow, and ultimately protect you both from potential setbacks. The Los Angeles business attorneys at Leiva Law have helped many dentists meet their goals while protecting their interests with savvy legal services such as developing space-sharing agreements between professionals. 

Some of the most important points a Los Angeles dental space-sharing agreement  should cover include:

  • Establish an agreeable work schedule.
  • Detail a payment schedule as well as a cost for renting space.
  • Determining how staff will operate such as if dentists will share staff members or keep them separate.
  • Who will pay for insurance or if the costs will be shared. Potentially, the costs could be evenly split or one dentist may pay more because they practice and work more often.
  • When a conflict arises, establish the steps that will be taken to come to a peaceful resolution.
  • Include a section that discusses preventing competition between professionals.
  • Discuss the way that termination of the agreement will take place.

Speak with a Los Angeles Dental Law Attorney Today

You may go into a profitable and pleasant, long-term arrangement with another professional and never have a problem. But this is not always the case in every situation. Because you can not know what will happen in the future, it is important to be proactive and protect yourself today. To learn more about how the dental law attorneys in Los Angeles can help you preserve your best interests, call the Leiva Law Group today at (818) 519-4465 to schedule your free consultation.

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