What to Know About a California Professional License Investigation
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What to Know About a California Professional License Investigation

If your professional license is under investigation in the state of California, this is no doubt a very stressful time. The hope is that the investigation finds nothing with regard to misconduct or wrongdoing and the investigation closes without any penalties. Nevertheless, an investigation of your professional license is a very serious situation and could potentially come with a license revocation or suspension, you could lose your practice, and depending on the details of the investigation you may even face criminal charges.

Because of the seriousness of a California professional license investigation, it doesn’t matter how minor you may think the issue is, the stakes are so high you need to be prepared. To best protect your interests and rights, your professional career, and the wholeness of your life it is critically important to work with an experienced California business attorney immediately.

What Prompts a California Professional License Investigation?

What to Know About a California Professional License InvestigationThe majority of investigations of professional licensure are done by state employees with the Department of Consumer Affairs. Investigations can be done if anyone submits a complaint against you. An employer, a community member, a family member, a patient, or a client all have the power to submit a claim and then an investigation will ensue.

Your licensing board will not just brush off a complaint, they are obligated to perform an investigation into the claims, even if the claims are not true. Investigations are done regardless of their legitimacy because it is the board’s duty to do so as well as the job of the board to ensure public safety. There are times that in the process of an investigation, criminal justice issues may arise. In specific, medical professionals that can possess and dispense drugs may also be investigated in regard to drug diversion. As a result, your practice may be found to have violated both state and federal laws.

It can be a very challenging situation for a medical professional when they are not just facing administrative investigations but also a criminal investigation. As a medical professional you have the right to assert the Fifth Amendment which is your right to remain silent, but this comes with its own set of problems. By doing so during an active investigation, you are put in a position where you could be accused of being difficult and refusing to cooperate with the investigators’ efforts. Being associated with refusal to cooperate with an investigation is extremely frowned upon by a vast majority of California licensing boards. So if there is any bit of evidence of improper conduct found at the end of your investigation, your California licensing board is more likely to respond with a steeper penalty.

Speak with a California License Defense Attorney Today

Everything you do and every step you take will be scrutinized by the investigating body which is why it is so critical to achieving your most favorable outcome that you work with a resourceful California license defense attorney. Waiting to secure legal assistance until after your case has concluded is not a good idea because, by that time, the damage has already been done. A Los Angeles business attorney will be a valuable asset at the start of an investigation to capture opportunities that can impact the direction of the investigation. When that happens you have an increased likelihood that the outcome will be more to your favor. Call Leiva Law today to schedule your free consultation at 818-519-4465  if you are facing a California professional license investigation

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