What to do If Your Company is Being Investigated by the California Labor Commissioner
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What to do If Your Company is Being Investigated by the California Labor Commissioner

If you are a business owner in California, following all California labor laws is a must. Treating people with dignity and respect is something that most employers strive to do, just as much as creating a welcoming environment where employees can feel comfortable doing their best work. When a work environment is toxic or hostile, and if management is not interacting with their employees properly, not only could this disincentivize employees from working hard but it could also result in legal action.

Being investigated by the Labor Commissioner is not an ideal situation to be in for any business. These investigations are very serious and the ramifications to a business that could result after an investigation can be substantial. It is imperative that if your company has been informed that it will be investigated by the California Labor Commissioner, to best position yourself to manage the process you should have a skilled and experienced California business attorney on your side representing your interests.

How Should You Manage a California Labor Commissioner Investigation?

What to do If Your Company is Being Investigated by the California Labor CommissionerThe first thing to do when you own and operate a business is to keep your employees safe and help foster an open and respectful workplace. Not only does this keep up your worker’s morale, but it is also a good and decent thing to do. Additionally, it can help you avoid legal situations where disgruntled employees go to the state with complaints.

Should your employees have a valid issue about their job, they may take it to the California Labor Commissioner after which, an investigation may ensue. If an employee believes that their rights were violated by their employer’s actions, the Labor Commissioner may get involved and get to the bottom of the dispute.

The Labor Commissioner in California can come into your place of business to investigate the complaint your employee filed against you. And, while there are some situations where deputies may call you to inform you of the complaint and investigation, this does not always happen for every case. You may not even know your employee filed such a complaint until one day deputies show up at your business and take you off guard.

Matters related to wage and hour infringement are what the Labor Commissioner may investigate. Some examples would be:

  • Paying employees less than the established minimum wage.
  • Not allowing employees to take break time or have meals while on the job.
  • Not paying for overtime hours worked by employees.

When deputies come to your place of business to investigate wage and hour violations you allegedly perpetrated, this is not a situation to be taken lightly and you can best safeguard your interests by calling a Los Angles business litigation lawyer at Leiva Law. 

Speak with a Business Attorney Today

Because of the considerable negative impact that can result from an investigation by the Labor Commissioner, and how intricate these investigations and cases can be, having experienced legal counsel on your side is wise. For help with a California Labor Commissioner investigation, business owners can call the Los Angeles employee lawyer at Leiva Law today to schedule a free consultation at (818) 519-4465.

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