What to Do if Your Claim was Wrongfully Denied
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What to Do if Your Claim was Wrongfully Denied

There is a reason why people purchase insurance for their property. Investing in property whether it be your home or your business, typically means putting up a large sum of money and signing a contract to pay off your investment over a period of years, or even decades. If something happens that causes damage or destruction to your property, paying for repairs could be overwhelming and far beyond what you can afford. Your insurance is meant to be there for you when you experience a costly emergency.

Even though your intention when you purchased insurance was for it to be a safety net for you when you need it, insurance companies are not motivated to pay you. Insurance adjusters are trained to find ways to deny claims and devalue them. It is not uncommon for an insurance adjuster to wrongfully deny a legitimate claim for compensation. If this has happened to you, it is advantageous to get in touch with a qualified attorney for assistance. In Los Angeles, the Los Angeles insurance claim denial attorneys at Leiva Law Firm can assist you in responding to an insurance company that was unfairly denying your insurance claim.

How to Respond to the Wrongful Denial of an Insurance Claim

What to Do if Your Claim was Wrongfully DeniedDepending on the circumstances with your insurance claim denial you may have legal options to challenge and remedy the situation. This is why connecting with an attorney is so crucial.

The contract that you sign with your insurance provider has terms that detail when you can have access to the coverage and benefits. Still, this does not mean that your insurance provider is eager to offer you that compensation even when your situation is genuine and should be paid.

Bad faith insurance is when the insurance company acts in a deceitful and unlawful way, such as wrongfully denying a valid insurance claim. When this happens, victims of bad faith insurance can call a knowledgeable attorney to manage the insurance company and fight for the rightful compensation that they deserve. 

The Los Angeles bad faith insurance attorneys at Leiva Law have extensive experience handling bad faith insurance claims. With a detailed and strategic approach, the attorneys at Leiva Law have a proven track record of success in helping victims secure fair settlements and verdicts.

In some instances, the actions of the insurance provider may be deemed so outrageous and inexcusable that punitive damages are warranted. Punitive damages are an extra amount of money that is awarded to people who were the victims of such egregious behavior. That extra money is meant to punish the insurance company for its misconduct. A skilled attorney will know when there are grounds for these additional damages and if they exist, will fight to get them.

Speak with a Los Angeles Claim Denial Attorney Today

Leiva Law offers free consultations to discuss your legal needs including an unlawful insurance claim denial. The Los Angeles business litigation attorneys at Leiva Law are committed to providing superior legal services to residents living in and around Los Angeles County. 

To schedule your free consultation with an attorney at Leiva Law, please call (818) 519-4465.

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