What Legal Options in California Protect Intellectual Property
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What Legal Options in California Protect Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property is anything that you create including inventions or imaginative products and pieces. When it comes to the intellectual property that a business produces, it is critical that these products, ideas, practices, symbols, etc., be protected under the law. Protecting intellectual property preserves a business’s ability to benefit financially from the proceeds such property earns. Proactively defending such property also allows businesses to stand out from any rivals they have in their industry.

It is advantageous for all businesses to safeguard their unique ideas and innovations, but in some industries, the need for instilling such protections is very high due to the immense amount of competition. The technology, transportation, and entertainment industries, in particular, are well-known not only for being cut-throat but for how rapidly they change. There are legal options that business owners can pursue to keep their ideas and creations safe from intrusion. If you have questions about intellectual property in California and want to learn more about how you can secure it, the California business attorneys at Leiva Law can help.

What Legal Protections Does a Business Owner Have for Intellectual Property?

What Legal Options in California Protect Intellectual PropertyThere are four options that business owners have to safeguard their work including:


California patents are helpful when you develop an invention, practice, or operating procedure that is original, helpful, and unique.


California copyrights are applicable for creative achievements. Any literary or artistic concept can be copyrighted including advertisements, paintings, music, videos, logos, unique tag-lines, etc.


California trademarks work for any details distinct and exclusive to your business. Packaging, letters, even colors can be trademarked.

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements

These legally binding documents protect your intellectual property from those within your company or associated with your company from stealing or divulging your precious intellectual property to others.

Typically, depending on the nature of the intellectual property, securing it with the right legal protections is also best done when combined with internal safeguards. Together, multiple levels of precautions will help keep your precious products, artistry, practices, marketing, and inventions, etc., out of the hands of those who are not entitled to it. Additionally, business owners should be prepared to take the right legal action against anyone who violates the protections that have been put in place. California licensing agreements where applicable could also be considered.

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The significance and importance of your intellectual property are what keeps your business ahead of the game and allows it to enjoy continued success. Making sure that you take the right steps with regards to strengthening your business and your ideas is not only good advice, but it could also save you money. Missteps can be costly. When you work with the Los Angeles business attorneys at Leiva Law you will have enough guidance to understand what you can do to keep your business running smoothly as well as the support you need to avoid expensive legal challenges.

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