What is the Purpose of Civil Litigation
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What is the Purpose of Civil Litigation?

Civil litigation refers to resolving disputes, usually through obtaining financial compensation to pay for one’s losses. In a civil suit, there is a plaintiff or the party that is bringing the legal action. Then, there is a defendant, who is the party that is having the claim brought against them. Civil claims can be brought about in many situations and for a wide range of reasons. Divorce, personal injury, medical malpractice, contract disputes, property disagreements, employment infractions, and much more. 

If you are a business in California, there is a good chance that at some point during your time running your company that you may have a need to file a civil suit against another party or entity or that you could be on the receiving end of a claim. It is good to have an attorney helping you when you are filing a claim or having a claim filed against you. An attorney will know the laws, procedures, and deadlines for responding to or taking legal action against another party. 

The Los Angeles civil litigation attorneys at the Leiva Law Firm know that your time as a business owner is valuable and better spent taking care of your operations, not dealing the legal challenges. The legal team at the Leiva Law Firm is experienced and dedicated to providing comprehensive legal representation to individuals filing civil claims or fighting against them. 

Why File a Civil Suit?

What is the Purpose of Civil LitigationIf you believed that you were harmed in some way and you sustained damages as a result, then you may very well decide that a civil suit would be necessary to right your wrongs. If you are unsure if your situation arises to the level of filing a suit, speaking with a civil litigation attorney is a good way to better understand your legal options and the viability of a potential claim. When examining one’s case, an attorney will look to see if the following elements exist before deciding if a claim makes sense and can be successful. These are:

  • The party you want to file a claim against had a duty of care to you.
  • The party you want to file a claim against violated their established duty of care.
  • The party you want to file a claim against who violated their duty of care to you caused you some amount of harm.
  • You suffered losses as a result of the violation of the duty of care you were owed.

The reason you would want to file a civil suit or that anyone pursues one is the same. The ultimate goal of civil litigation is to come to an agreeable settlement that resolves the dispute. Many times, this comes by way of monetary compensation from one party to the other.

Most civil suits will arrive at a settlement, and that will be how they conclude. Though, in some instances, a settlement is much harder to agree to by the parties involved in the suit. Then, a civil claim can go to court and become a lawsuit, where the judge and jury will decide the final outcome.

Speak with an Attorney at Leiva Law Today

California business owners have to face many challenges to operate and keep their doors open. This can include filing and responding to civil suits. If you have a civil litigation matter, please call an attorney at the Leiva Law Firm to schedule a free consultation at (818) 519-4465.

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