What is a Statement of Information Filing in California
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What is a Statement of Information Filing in California?

There is much red tape that business owners must be aware of to lawfully operate their business. If you are an LLC or a corporation in the state of California, whether formed or registered for business, you should know what is required of you under the law. One thing you must do is file your Statement of Information with the Secretary of State. This form, allows the California Secretary of State to stay up to date on your business and any changes that may be taking place within its structure or organization. For example, if you are adding new officers or you have moved and have a new business address, the SOS will need to know this information. And, complying keeps you in good standing which is ultimately what all business owners should want to do.

The amount of paperwork necessary to start a business in California and to keep it running under the state’s laws is substantial. For help starting your business, running your business, with the documentation required for your business, or with other legal matters related to your business please call the Los Angeles business attorney at the Leiva Law Firm.

What Is Included in a Statement of Information Filing

What is a Statement of Information Filing in CaliforniaThere is not a lot of time to file your Statement of Information. After a corporation has its articles of incorporation endorsement, there is only a matter of 90 days that the state allows for the Statement of Information to be filed. Then after this initial filing, the document must be filed again annually according to the California Secretary of State’s Statement of Information filing window guidelines. Though, it is good practice to file your documentation sooner should you have changes to your business that come up before the required filing time.

For questions about when to file and what is needed in California’s Statement of Information, the Los Angeles business litigation attorneys at Leiva Law can help. Failure to meet the filing deadlines may result in the Franchise Tax Board issuing penalties like a fine of $250 and even suspensions.

The information that is required in this document includes:

  • The name of your corporation.
  • The mailing address that your corporation uses. 
  • The Names of officers involved with your corporation.
  • The names of directors.
  • The names of managers and members.
  • Agent of service for process.
  • The type of business you own.

It is critical that you follow all procedures and guidelines set for operating a business in the state of California. Even if you have not made changes in your corporation and your filing date is coming up, it is still required to submit your Statement of Information filing.

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