What Happens When California Insurance Companies Act in Bad Faith
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What Happens When California Insurance Companies Act in Bad Faith?

As a business owner in California, you need to have insurance. You may need to hold workers’ compensation insurance for your employees, to cover your business, or for a property you own. Should something happen, even if your premiums are pricey, your insurance is supposed to take care of the resulting damages so you do not have to pay a devastatingly large sum to do it yourself. In short,  your insurance policy is supposed to be a form of support for you when things go wrong.

Insurance companies no matter who they are and what they cover are always focused on their bottom line meaning they will do what is necessary to keep their costs down. There are several ways and tactics that insurance companies are known to engage in to pay out as little as possible to their policyholders or deny their claim outright. If you filed an insurance claim in Los Angeles and it was wrongfully denied, it is important to get in touch with a Los Angeles insurance denial attorney to examine your case.

What Should You Do if Your Insurance Provider in California Acted in Bad Faith?

What Happens When California Insurance Companies Act in Bad FaithWrongly denying claimants the money they are entitled to from their insurance coverage is a common occurrence. There are many examples of situations where a California business owner files a claim because something legitimately happened and they need the money but their insurance provider denies them that financial support. Whether you experienced a flood or an accident took place causing injuries, your insurance coverage should kick in and help you out. If your insurance provider fails to do so or is being uncooperative with you, then the Los Angeles business attorneys at Leiva Law can help. You may have a valid case to pursue and when you work with Leiva Law, you can take action to be compensated after your Los Angeles insurance company acted in bad faith.

Whether you need medical treatment, were a victim of theft, or need help with a professional liability claim, the insurance you pay for should come through with the financial assistance you need.  When you are wrongfully treated by your insurance provider, Leiva Law’s Los Angeles claim denial lawyers can help you achieve the results you want and need. Leiva Law can fight on your behalf so you can obtain a fair settlement. Insurance companies are not immune from liability when they act in bad faith towards their customers which means you have the right to take action if they are treating you improperly.

Depending on your situation with your insurance provider, you may be able to compel them to pay you the compensation you deserve. In addition to your much-needed compensation, you could also be able to recover punitive damages on top of your settlement amount. When you have been treated dishonestly by your insurance provider, it is imperative that you obtain the most compensation possible from them, and working with a California insurance claim denial attorney at Leiva Law gives you the best chances to do just that.

Speak with an Insurance Denial Attorney in California

For more than three decades Leiva Law has been providing helpful and high-quality legal services to businesses in Los Angeles. To schedule your free consultation with one of Leiva Law’s California insurance claim denial lawyers, please call (818) 519-4465.


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