What Does a California Independant Contractor Agreement Do
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What Does a California Independent Contractor Agreement Do?

If you own a business you may have a combination of employees and independent contractors that help you execute the responsibilities required to run your business. Just like having an agreement upon hire with your employees, you should also have an agreement with any individuals you work with within an independent contractor capacity. Because of the freelance nature of independent contractor work you will want to ensure that the duties you need these individuals to complete are defined and clear so that there is no mistake as to what is expected.

If you need help writing up an independent contractor agreement in California, the California business attorneys at Leiva Law can help. The experience and talented Los Angeles business attorneys at Leiva Law can handle all general business needs as well as corporate law. The California business law firm at Leiva Law takes immense pride in the quality legal services provided to businesses in the greater Los Angeles region. We put time, attention, and detail into the work that we do so that your business can operate smoothly and look good.

How Can California Independent Contractor Agreements Help Businesses?

What Does a California Independant Contractor Agreement DoWhen you have a California independent contractor agreement written you will want to have the following key points included:

  • Name of the contractor
  • Confirmation that the agreement is for independent contractor services and not as an employee.
  • Details on the work that the independent contractor will be expected to complete with deadlines and working hours when the work must be done.
  • Confirmation of how much pay will be assigned to work and when payments will be made.
  • Defining specifics on how communication will take place.
  • Any non-disclosures
  • The process for termination

A carefully drafted agreement can save a business owner from any potential grievances an independent contractor may have. When the business relationship is meticulously described in the document, it makes it much harder for an independent contractor to make an argument against a business or business owner that may cause harm. 

The independent contractor agreement can also keep safe a business’s intellectual property. This is especially important in the event that there is a dispute between a company and an independent contractor. All aspects that are proprietary to a company must be protected.

What to do if a Dispute with an Independent Contractor Doesn’t Come to a Resolution?

Without an independent contractor agreement, disputes can cause massive damage to a business if there are issues between employers and those that work for them. The independent contractor agreement lessens the problems that can arise from a disagreement but it may not completely shield a business from having to deal with the aftermath of a personnel issue. If you have an independent contractor who you are having a difficult time finding an agreeable solution to mend the issues that lead to a squabble, it is best to connect with a California business lawyer for intervention.

The Los Angeles business lawyers at Leiva Law can review your situation and provide legal advice on how to best manage the situation in a way that works out for everyone. To learn more about how the California business lawyers at Leiva Law can help you with all of your business needs, please call 818-519-4465. 

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