What California Business Owners Can Do When They are Being Sued
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How California Business Owners Can Respond to a Lawsuit

It does not matter what industry you operate in, if you are a business owner, you undoubtedly have many balls in the air at any given moment. There are several responsibilities that a business owner must manage to keep operations smooth and to run a successful company that is competitive. Unfortunately, because of the nature of doing business and working with the public, the risk of being sued is high. Even if the actions a business or business owner has taken do not actually qualify for any violations and a suit is frivolous, it can still be quite damaging for a business to function. It can also cause significant negative implications to a businesses owner’s personal life.

It is prudent for business owners to have legal counsel on hand that they trust and can turn to when legal actions are necessary. Whether it is mounting a suit of their own or defending against one, business owners who have a relationship with a business lawyer will put their business in the best position when legal challenges arise.

For business owners in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles business litigation attorneys at Leiva Law can help you with all your needs within the realm of business litigation and corporate law.

How Should Business Owners Respond to a Law Suit?

What California Business Owners Can Do When They are Being SuedPotentially, the most important action a Los Angeles business owner can do when they are presented with a lawsuit against them is to take it seriously and act rapidly. It may feel overwhelming and confusing as to what to do, but quickly connecting with a Los Angeles business attorney can easily clear things up. Being prepared and ready to act can minimize the harm that your business and your personal life may face.

In California, it is common that a business facing a suit against them responds to it within 30 days. A 30-day timeframe is not long and 30 days can go by like lightning. After you realize you are being sued, you should not wait to contact your attorney. Waiting can be what determines the outcome of the case against you. At the very most, 48 hours is the longest you should wait before you reach out to a legal professional to address your legal challenge.

When you get in touch with your attorney, they will be able to get to work immediately. Preparing a defense against a lawsuit takes time. The more time you afford your lawyer the better your chance for securing the best possible outcome for your case is. 

You have put an incredible effort into building your business, it only takes one suit against you to ruin all that you have worked for. Working with an experienced Los Angeles business litigation lawyer can mean keeping your business robust and in operation, or struggling to stay afloat.

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