The Stages of Business Litigation
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Ways That You Can Keep Your Business Disputes Out of Court

At the Leiva Law Firm, we believe that some cases can be handled outside of court, especially when you are litigating business matters. Not every case must end in an aggravating, back-and-forth litigation that has both parties holding dearly onto everything they love. Today we will talk about the settlement, the advantages, and how easy it is to achieve an agreement when it’s what you truly want out of your case.

The Advantages of Settling Out of Court

business dispute lawyerThe settlement is most common when you are trying to come to an agreement over a variety of matters. Many people choose to settle out of court because there are many advantages. For one, if you are going through a civil case and looking for compensation, you will likely receive your financial compensation much faster when you decide to go through settlement instead of the court process. You will have less stress on your plate because you can skip out on court proceedings like hearings, depositions, trials, and more. The courts can sometimes be unpredictable, but when you choose settlement, you’ll see there are many more benefits. You may be surprised to find that as many as 97% of civil cases are resolved by measures other than trial, which should give you hope if you are seeking this method for your case.

What Makes Settlement Difficult

So, why do some cases end up in court in front of a judge or jury? You want to be prepared for everything, so you should know the reasons why.

  • The plaintiff has weak evidence. This means that a defendant does not want to settle because they believe they will prevail if the case makes it to court, and they will receive the best results in doing so.
  • There are unreasonable expectations from either or both sides. The sides have disputed everything under the sun and still cannot reach an agreement, so they decide that trial may be best for them.
  • Neither wants to meet in the middle, which means that emotions are getting in the way.

If you are a manager in a business, there are few things that you dread more than having to go through litigation in many cases. You want to achieve that resolve or win-win solution that will make both parties happy.

If you are trying to settle your business dispute, one of the best methods you can choose is alternative dispute resolution (ADR), which emerged in the 70s and has been achieving results for both plaintiffs and defendants ever since. ADR helps resolve issues through arbitration, mediation, or negotiation. These methods are usually less costly and bring about the best outcomes, rather than a cut-and-dry case where everybody seems to lose. You will be able to work through the matters with a mediator or arbitrator who can help you get the best results based on what you want from your case. Does this seem like something that could help you when you are going through a business legal dispute?

If so, call us as soon as possible to get started on your case and work toward the results you deserve. At Leiva Law Firm, we care about your case and want you to be pleased with the end results. Call us today for more information at 818-519-4465.





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