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Was it Legal or Illegal For My Employer to Deny Me Healthcare?

You hear your friends and family members say many things that they love about their jobs. Perhaps their jobs give them freedom so that, throughout the day, they can try many things without being told what to do in a routine manner every day. Perhaps they are working with people whose company they enjoy. Maybe it has to do with the healthcare benefits. Yes, some people’s favorite thing about the company they work for is having healthcare coverage that protects them if something were to happen to them. But, what happens when your employer won’t provide coverage to you? Is it due to legal or illegal reasons? How can you move forward during this desperate time?

When Your Employer Uses Legal Measures to Deny Coverage

denied healthcareBelieve it or not, employers are not always legally required to give you healthcare benefits when you work for them, depending on the circumstances of your relationship. When you signed for your job, these exclusions may have been laid out in front of you but now you want to dispute these matters because you’ve forgotten or think that there has been a breach in your rights.

For example, a very popular healthcare denial happens when an employer only gives insurance to those who work more than 40 hours a week. This means that, if you are a part-time employee who only works 20 hours, you won’t be able to receive health insurance. In other cases, an employee may exclude coverage for certain conditions, including things like cancer. If this is part of the plan and is a rule that has not been made to discriminate against a certain employee, it is usually perfectly legal.

Other Options For You

We want to help ensure that you know that you have other options if you have been legally denied health insurance coverage under your employer. Here are some of these options:

  • Association Group Plans: You could qualify for group plan rates under a professional association. You may find that the rates are still higher than if you had been offered insurance through your employer, but often times it is better than being left without options. If you find yourself in a situation where you are considered self-employed, you could be offered insurance through churches, special interest groups, and more.
  • Healthcare Insurance Marketplace: If you don’t qualify through the workplace, you could be able to receive insurance through the Affordable Care Act. This is a government-sponsored program that allows you to get quotes on insurance for the whole family.
  • Discount Plans: If you don’t have any major medical conditions, you may qualify for a discount plan. You may receive rates that are lower than usual when it comes to these plans.

If You Were Illegally Denied

Can you show that you were illegally denied coverage through the workplace? Perhaps you have signed a contract stating that you would be eligible to receive benefits at 40 hours a week and you work 50 hours, but your employer is refusing you. Your employer can delay coverage for a short period of time while you complete training, but they are not permitted to deny you any longer. If you have a valid claim for discrimination, we want to speak with you today. At the Leiva Law Firm, we want to help you retain the rights you deserve when it comes to your healthcare. Call us for more information on how we can support your rights at 818-519-4465.




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