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Trade Secrets Litigation in California

California Civil Code § 3426 is the state’s adoption of the Uniform Trade Secrets Act (UTSA). Under California Civil Code § 3426.1(d), a trade secret is defined as any kind of information that derives independent economic value from not being known to the public and is the subject of reasonable efforts to maintain its secrecy.

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Types of Trade Secrets

Trade Secret lawyerTrade secret litigation has become more commonplace in the 21st century because of technological advances. For example, it is now not only easier for people to store large document files on simple USB drives, but increased employee mobility has led to confidential information frequently being moved out of offices.

Certain companies go to extraordinary lengths to protect valuable trade secrets, and trade secrets can include certain information that might not be protected by a patent. Some possible examples of trade secrets might include:

  • Secret formula
  • Computer program
  • Electronic device
  • Method, technique, or process
  • Ideas
  • Marketing plans
  • Cost or price information
  • Customer lists

Famous Trade Secrets

While trade secrets are relatively foreign to many people, certain trade secrets are quite infamous. Some of the most notable trade secrets include:

  • Coca-Cola Formula — The soft drink company has claimed that the recipe for its formula that is combined with carbonated water is “the most guarded trade secret in the world.” The company claims that only two people know the complete formula at any one time, those two people are prohibited from traveling with one another, and the identities of the two employees is also a secret.
  • KFC Original Recipe — The original recipe with “11 herbs and spices” signed by Colonel Sanders is locked away in a vault in the fast food franchise’s Louisville headquarters. In 2016, the Chicago Tribune reported that a Kentucky man claimed to have found a copy of the KFC original recipe on a handwritten piece of paper in a scrapbook.
  • WD-40 Formula — The inventors of the spray deliberately avoided patenting their product to avoid disclosing its composition. Wired published a 2009 article with the results of tests showing that WD-40’s principal components were mineral oil and the alkanes decane and nonane.
  • Google Search Algorithm — One of the most sought-after trade secrets in the digital age, Google continuously revises its algorithm to continually maximize its secrecy.

Find a Trade Secrets Attorney in California

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