Top Reasons for Breach of Contract
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Top Reasons for Breach of Contract

Being a California business owner means making many decisions and entering into several agreements to keep your operations running and intact. Whether you enter into contracts for services and products with vendors, real estate agreements, or other formal commitments, it is expected that the terms of such arrangements are honored by all parties involved. Sound contracts that have legally binding language detailing everyone’s responsibilities must be followed. Should any signer breach their obligations as per the contract terms, then it could be possible to take legal action.

While dealing with legal challenges is typically the last thing that a business owner wants to take on, if a contract was signed and other parties are not adhering to it, this could affect the business’s operations. It may be worthwhile and even necessary to take legal action to remedy the situation. If not, your business will potentially be on the receiving end of a breach of contract suit and you may have to defend your interests. 

No matter what side you are on, the one pursuing legal action or the one responding to a suit, the California business litigation attorney at the Levia Law Firm can help you manage your situation and protect your rights.

When Does a Breach of Contract Happen?

Top Reasons for Breach of ContractEach party that signs a contract is essentially saying that they understand their role with respect to everyone involved in the agreement and they accept it. Should any party then fail to adhere to following through with their duties, then they may be held liable under the law. Breach of contract can be intentional or happen unknowingly. This is why it is imperative to understand what the most common reasons for a breach of contract are so that you can avoid being the party that violates a contract or identify instances where another party may have violated their responsibility.

A breach of contract will be heavily dependent on what the contract itself says and how it outlines what each party’s function is. The most common ways that a breach of contract can occur include:

  1. Not delivering the full order of products or services or not delivering any amount of product or service.
  2. Incorrectly delivering products or services.
  3. Being deceitful and knowingly telling untruths to represent a product or service in a specific way. Engaging in fraud is unlawful.
  4. Failure to meet established deadlines within the contract for delivery of goods or services.

Knowing how and when to pursue legal action when a breach of contract takes place and when it may not be best is important. Legal action will have some amount of impact on your business. In some cases when there is a truly unintentional mistake made that constitutes a breach of contract finding alternative ways to address the issue may be appropriate. However, if legal action is necessary, then having a talented and resourceful attorney on your side will be helpful.

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The Los Angeles business litigation attorney at the Leiva Law Firm can assist you when a breach of contract affects your business. To learn more about what steps you should take to address the issue, you can discuss your specific situation during a free consultation with the Leiva Law Firm by calling (818) 519-4465. 

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