Top 6 Reasons to Use a Personal Injury Attorney
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Top 6 Reasons to Use a Personal Injury Attorney

Unexpected accidents happen every day and both the immediate and long-term effects can be life-changing. If you have been injured by another party who was behaving recklessly, you may be able to secure compensation for your damages. If you live in California, the way to accomplish this is by filing a California personal injury claim for compensation. 

Not every injury accident that came about because of negligence will have only one culpable party. Often, more than one party involved in an injury accident could have some amount of responsibility for it happening. Under the comparative fault system that California follows, whether you were liable for most of the reason the accident happened or only a small portion, you have the potential to be compensated.

Navigating the California personal injury claim process can be complicated especially if you do not understand your rights. It can also be very stressful if you are severely injured and trying to manage both your claim and your medical treatment. The Los Angeles personal injury attorney at the Leiva Law Firm can provide you with dedicated and effective assistance with your claim.

6 Benefits of Using a Personal Injury Attorney

Top 6 Reasons to Use a Personal Injury AttorneyInsurance companies are not concerned about the well-being of the people who are filing a claim against them. An adjuster may act like they are caring, and actually, this is one of their approaches for reducing what they have to pay victims.

By connecting with a victim quickly while they are in their most vulnerable state after an injury incident occurs, the agent is trying to come off as a sympathizing party who is eager to help. In doing so, they may be able to get the victim to say something that can be harmful to their claim. The adjuster may be able to close the claim quickly by getting a victim to accept an unfair and far-too-low settlement amount.

When a victim has an attorney on their side, they will have the benefit of knowing their rights are being protected by a seasoned legal professional who will aggressively defend their interests. An attorney can handle the communications with the adjuster, and therefore, the adjuster will be unable to engage in deceitful tactics that lead to unreasonable outcomes for the victim.

In specific, an attorney is a valuable advocate for the following reasons:

  1. An attorney will understand how to investigate an injury accident and gather all of the evidence and supporting information to make a strong case for compensation.
  2. An attorney will be able to examine an injury incident and assess a fair value for a claim.
  3. An attorney provides effective and supportive legal guidance for a victim’s benefit.
  4. An attorney understands the legal system and knows what is required to build a successful claim.
  5. If an agreed-upon settlement amount cannot be secured, an attorney will have the litigation skills to represent a victim in court.
  6. Personal injury attorneys tend to have resources and connections that they can supply to victims like specific medical professionals who can accurately diagnose ailments and conditions.

Speak with a Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney Today

Filing a personal injury claim in Los Angeles is a civil action whose purpose is to secure maximum recovery. To learn more about how you can get the compensation you need after your injury accident, please call the Los Angeles civil litigation attorney at the Leiva Law firm to schedule a free consultation at (818) 519-4465. 

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