Tips for Resolving Business Disputes through Mediation in Los Angeles
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Tips for Resolving Business Disputes through Mediation in Los Angeles

The last thing that a business owner wants to have on their already busy plate is a business dispute. Legal disputes can be costly and time-consuming, taking a business owner’s attention away from daily operations and the running of their company. And, depending on how a business dispute goes, it is possible that everything can become even more challenging if things are unable to be resolved outside of court. A dispute that goes to litigation can take even longer to resolve and be much more expensive. 

Business owners may opt for mediation as a way to come to an agreement that works without court involvement. 

If you need assistance with a business dispute in California, the Los Angeles business attorneys at the Leiva Law Firm can assist you.

Tips to Successfully Work Through Mediation

Tips for Resolving Business Disputes through Mediation in Los AngelesNot only can mediation potentially avoid litigation, but going through the process still preserves a California business owner’s rights. Using an unbias third party as a mediator, the negotiations have a greater likelihood of being productive and getting things worked out sooner and for less money. 

Here are some tips to maximize your time in mediation and increase your chances of being successful.

Come Prepared

Come to mediation prepared and ready. The process can go quickly, so having everything you need organized and on hand will help you get the most out of your session.

Know What Your Goals Are

Think about your dispute and then about what your ideal outcome is. What are the ultimate goals that would satisfy your needs and lead to an agreeable resolution?

Be Open and Ready to Work Together

Everyone in mediation can explain what they need to have the dispute resolved and then work together in a give-and-take to come up with a mutually beneficial solution.

Decision Makers Only

Not only should you have your lawyer at mediation, but either you or someone with the authority to make decisions should also be present. It is much harder to be successful when the party that attends mediation has no real power.


Make sure to pay attention to everything that is being said and listen intently. If something is unclear, ask about it. It is essential that you have a thorough understanding of where everyone stands and why.

Make Sure To Address All Issues

Mediation should target the main dispute, but it also should address any other outliers where there could be friction in the future. Ironing things out while you are actively in mediation covers all bases and minimizes the possibility of a future dispute.

Create Agreeable Terms

The end of mediation should be a resolution and agreement both parties will abide by and feel good about.

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Mediation is often a less stressful approach to dispute resolution and much less costly than litigation. While voluntary, it could work for your unique situation. 

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