Tips for Businesses that Partner with Social Influencers
May 18 2022 0

Tips for Businesses that Partner with Social Media Influencers

Business owners in California have many tasks to take on to keep their businesses successful and profitable. One of those is figuring out how they are going to stay fresh and remain in front of their target audience. Marketing and advertising strategy are critically important to the functioning of a business and its success. Devising the right approach can be the difference between capturing a profitable market or missing it completely and losing it to a competitor. 

One of the marketing strategies that may be used is to partner with notable social media influencers. Businesses who choose this option could be making the right decision when it comes to how it will affect their business. Though, there are certain legal considerations that come with partnering with a social media influencer. To avoid potential future problems when working with a social media influencer, the Los Angeles business lawyer at Leiva Law can help.

Legal Considerations for Working With a Social Media Influencer

Tips for Businesses that Partner with Social Media InfluencersIf you have never developed a relationship with a social influencer to benefit your company, there are some things you should know. 

Terms of Employment

The relationship you have with a social media influencer should be detailed and legally sound to prevent any future disputes or legal issues from arising. As such, simply signing on to a contract that a social media influencer offers you without an understanding of what you are being bound to, is not wise. You should establish a clear contract that includes many things such as:

  • What the influencer is expected to do and the frequency of their work.
  • If they work on their own channels, the company’s, or both.
  • What content they will be responsible for and when it is due.

A Los Angeles business litigation attorney at Leiva Law can help you put your contract together.

Ownership of Intellectual Property

Even though the influencer may create something, many companies still prefer to keep control of all content related to their company. As a result, the work the social influencer delivers may only be used by the company. Meaning, that the company will keep the ownership of intellectual property, not the influencer. Rights to intellectual property must be addressed, agreed upon, and written in a legally enforceable contract.

Payment for Services

Payment is always critical and if not clearly established can be a sore subject that can lead to future conflict. This is why it could be worthwhile and very advantageous to see what you can find about what other companies are paying and how they are paying social media influencers they partner with. This can help you determine what budget you are comfortable with when you connect with various social media influencers and discuss using their services.

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