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The Stages of Business Litigation

Business litigation in the State of California is a long and arduous process. It is necessary to have a skilled litigator evaluate your case and examine your legal grievance to make sure that the process is performed properly from the get-go. This piece will go over the main points of the process, and explain how a veteran business litigation attorney in California will be able to defend your business’s legal affairs.

The Stages of Business Litigation

The first move to be made in business litigation is to develop a formal California business lawsuit grievance and file it with the relevant court. The grievance needs to define the specific legal harm that has been endured, as well as the specific easement solicited by the plaintiff. This easement usually takes the form of an assessment of the economic losses sustained as an outcome of the legal wrong. After the grievance has been filed, your legal claim has formally begun. 

The Stages of Business Litigation

The grievance then has to be served to the opposing person. That person then has a small window of time in which to file a formal reply that addresses the complaint. Should they fail to do so, the plaintiff may petition the court for summary judgment to obtain their requested easement. Most defendants respond to these legal claims in a timely fashion; therefore, summary judgments given on service grounds are somewhat unique. After the defendant’s response has been filed with the court, the next stage of the lawsuit will commence.

The third step in a legal claim is typically the process of discovery. This process is a very controlled form of collecting evidence pertaining to the case, such as depositions, documents, written interrogatories, and additional forms of evidence. Each party is allowed to make an official request that must be answered by the opposing side in a suitable manner and style. Neglecting to do this will permit the plaintiff to request that the court impose penalties against the defendant who neglected to answer properly. As new kinds of proof are unearthed throughout the discovery process, the lawsuit tends to become a little more clear, and this enables most claimants to resolve their lawsuits with the opposing side. 

If the individuals cannot settle, the lawsuit will then proceed through all introductory pretrial elements, like evidentiary objections, scheduling, and any legal motions that someone might choose to make. Finally, a trial date will be set. Once the trial has concluded, a decision will be announced by the court. The individuals do have the right, given the proper reasons, to appeal either the whole decision or just a particular part.

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