Should You Sue a Business for Negligence
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Should You Sue a Business for Negligence?

Business owners have a lot to handle during the course of operations, and where there are customers and clients, there is plenty of potential for lawsuits. It is imperative that business owners conduct their operations with reasonable accommodations and with the safety of their clients in mind. If they make a mistake and a customer is harmed, they are likely going to be sued and the amount of financial compensation to be paid to victims could be quite costly.

Victims that are harmed by the negligence or carelessness of a business have the right to sue for compensation to recoup their damages. Any type of business can be sued including large chain stores, small businesses, restaurants, and more. In California, if you are a business being sued or if you are a victim that wants to file a suit, you can find assistance and trusted legal guidance from the experienced Los Angeles business litigation attorney at Leiva Law Firm.

When Should You Sue a Business?

Should You Sue a Business for NegligenceIf a business was negligent in how they conducted operations or in the maintenance of their property and you were harmed, filing a lawsuit against them may be the right approach. Often, victims who are harmed by others do not know the full extent of their legal rights and what options they have to obtain the compensation they need to help them pay for the losses suffered. To find out if you have a case to make a claim for compensation against a business, you can meet with the Los Angeles civil attorney at Leiva Law to have your case evaluated.

Some common situations where a business may be liable for harm that their customer suffers include:

Food Poisoning

Going out to eat allows you to take the night off of cooking and enjoy a tasty meal. If the food is not prepared in accordance with safety standards and you fall ill after eating it, you may be able to hold the restaurant accountable for the harm you suffered. Chipotle is a well-known example of a restaurant linked to food-borne illness. The chain had five highly publicized outbreaks where customers became ill after eating food that had E. coli, Salmonella, and Norovirus. After these outbreaks happened, lawsuits followed, and rightfully so.

Dangerous Grounds

A common sign in grocery stores and office buildings is the yellow warning sign of a slippery floor. Whether a floor was recently mopped or there was a spill it is important to let the public who may enter a business know there is a hazard present. When a business does not take the proper steps to ensure safety on their premises and has slippery floors, uneven grounds, broken steps, poor lighting, or other defects that put people at risk of harm, they can be held accountable for resulting damages that are suffered by patrons.


Employees that are not trained properly or supervised fittingly can make mistakes intentionally or unintentionally that cause customers harm. Businesses can be responsible for the actions of their employees.

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