Should You Settle Your California Personal Injury Claim
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Should You Settle Your California Personal Injury Claim?

Victims who are injured in a slip and fall accident, a car collision, medical malpractice, or another type of personal injury situation could be able to secure compensation by filing a civil claim against the negligent party that caused their accident. While it is possible to work through the personal injury claims process alone, it is highly recommended that victims partner with an attorney that has the experience, knowledge of tort law, and knows how the system operates. 

The Los Angeles personal injury attorneys at Leiva Law Firm can assist you with your California personal injury claim. An attorney can review your case, assess its value, and connect with the other party’s legal counsel. While you are recovering from your injuries, the Los Angeles attorneys at Leiva Law Firm can handle your claim from start to finish.

When to Settle Your Personal Injury Claim and When Not To

Should You Settle Your California Personal Injury ClaimThose who are unfamiliar with civil legal suits tend to think of court trials with judges and juries deliberating and determining the outcome of the case. This is a fair assessment of what can happen, but it is not always what actually happens. And, when civil cases are filed, they settle outside of court more often than they come to a conclusion through litigation in the courtroom.

Your attorney is going to investigate your case and put together all of the pertinent information necessary to argue your side. Your attorney will also be a skilled negotiator working with the other side to come to an agreement on what a fair settlement could look like, that is if everyone is cooperative and open to resolving a case objectively. In the end, however, while your attorney is will be protecting your interests and advising you on what approach is most advantageous for your situation you have the final say in how you want to proceed. You may decide to accept a settlement or refuse it and take your case to court.

There are many reasons why so many cases settle and do not go before a judge and jury. Some of these include:

  • Reduced legal costs
  • Increased privacy 
  • Speedier access to compensation
  • No guarantees and less certainty
  • Minimizing stress and mental trauma

All of these reasons are practical. They make a lot of sense as to why settlements happen more often than going all the way to court for civil casses. 

Still, settling is not always beneficial for every case. There are going to be those times when both sides cannot agree on a settlement amount and have come to a standstill with negotiations. When this happens, going to court may be inevitable. It is difficult to settle when one side continues to offer settlement sums that are much lower than the full amount of damages the victim suffered. If going to court is the ultimate outcome, a victim may also ask that their attorney fees and court costs be added to a financial award. This is something that does not happen when a settlement outside of court is agreed upon.

Speak to a Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney Today

Whether you settle or not is your decision, but your attorney will be able to provide you valuable legal counsel on what gives you the best chances of winning the most compensation possible from your claim. To meet with a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, you can schedule a free consultation by calling Leiva Law Firm today at (818) 519-4465.

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