Resolving Disputes in Dental Practice Acquisitions: When to Seek Legal Help
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Resolving Disputes in Dental Practice Acquisitions: When to Seek Legal Help

Dental practice acquisitions are rarely easy or uncomplicated. When you purchase a practice and then are transitioning to being the owner of that practice, you have a lot to think about and many bases to cover. Not only do you have to manage the patients and ensure they are receiving high-quality and reliable dental care, but you also have to ensure that the business and administrative operations continue to run smoothly and without interruptions.

Now all of this is alone, can be a handful for a new owner. But when there are also disputes to hash out, the whole process can become that much more arduous and challenging. It is helpful when going through the dental acquisition process to have an experienced attorney on your side. 

The Los Angeles purchase agreement attorneys at Leiva Law Firm have decades of experience helping facilitate the dental acquisition process by both drafting strong practice purchase agreements and ensuring that a new dental practice owner is fully abreast of all legal aspects of their agreement.

Handling Disputes in Dental Practice Acquisitions

Resolving Disputes in Dental Practice Acquisitions: When to Seek Legal HelpDuring the dental acquisition process, there are many moving parts and several important priorities vying for a dentist’s attention. It can be easy with all of these things happening to overlook a problem or choose to ignore it. But, with the help and guidance of an experienced attorney, you will have options for dealing with and remedying disputes that can, and likely will, arise.

Your dental practice purchase agreement is incredibly important. It should be comprehensively prepared with very specific terms that are in your best interest. Similarly, you should understand exactly what is in the agreement.

Should a dispute come about after a purchase, your purchase agreement should have everything you need to effectively address the issue. This is why it is so critical that when you have your agreement drafted, you take the time to review every aspect so that you are sure to keep your rights and legal interests fully protected. Knowing what you are signing before you sign is one of the best ways to safeguard yourself from difficult legal challenges that may come about down the road.

Additionally, a seller who signs a purchase agreement must abide by the terms they agreed to. A violation of terms can lead to legal liability. But, it is important to point out, that the same goes for you. When you sign the agreement, you must stick to it because your violations can also put you in legal trouble.

Speak with an Attorney at Leiva Law Firm

Moving into the next phase of your professional career by purchasing a dental practice in California can be very exciting, but it is also a very serious time when everything must be done right. Your reputation and your business need and deserve to be protected. A business attorney at Leiva Law Firm can ensure that happens. When you are prepared to purchase a dental practice, having knowledgeable legal counsel on your side is essential. Call Leiva Law Firm today at (818) 519-4465 to schedule a free consultation with an attorney.

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