Minimizing California Merger and Acquisition Hurdles
Nov 12 2020 0

Minimizing California Merger and Acquisition Hurdles

It takes a lot of work and planning when companies in California merge or are acquired. These transactions tend to be some of the most complex and often take extensive preparations to be successful. Even in the most promising situations, things can change within one company which affects a deal from coming to an end with a productive merger or acquisition made. Not only are there the financials surrounding the purchase which need to be negotiated, but there are other considerations that must be addressed. Companies with employees must have a plan for their part in the new business and other organizational details must be ironed out for the transition to go smoothly.

When you are actively looking into growth opportunities for your business, every element of your merger or acquisition plan must be addressed. Marlene Leiva has more than 25 years of experience managing all legal matters for companies so that business leaders can effectively keep their enterprises running. Whether you are considering a merger or acquisition, starting up a business, need corporate documentation, require assistance with employment matters, or if you want to protect your intellectual property, the California business attorneys at the Leiva Law Firm can provide all of these legal services and more. The Leiva Law Firm will aggressively defend your rights and will fight on your behalf so that you have the highest quality representation for all legal matters.

Why Do Some Merger and Acquisition Deals Fail?

Minimizing California Merger and Acquisition HurdlesIt may be an exciting idea to think about elevating your business to the next level by acquiring or merging with another entity. However, not every deal makes it to the finish line and there can be several reasons why this happens. For example, not too long ago Uber was exploring the acquisition of Load Delivered Logistics, a freight logistics company. The discussions were not productive and ended with no acquisition made. Whether it was internal organizational turmoil at Uber that caused the discussions to fail or the strong numbers reported by Load Delivered Logistics, no agreement came about.

During the course of negotiations, anything can happen. One company may develop internal disarray with operations, both sides may find themselves unable to agree on the terms of a deal, one party may simply decide to back out because they change their mind when it comes to buying or selling. Business acquisitions and mergers can be very fickle and any single disruption may cause negotiations to go south. It is important to examine all internal and external issues that could lead to an unintended stoppage of talks. 

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Working with the experienced and talented Los Angeles business attorneys at Leiva Law can minimize potential hurdles you could face when you are negotiating critical and highly complicated business deals. To learn more about how the Canoga Park business attorneys at Leiva Law can help you run your business more efficiently or to obtain legal guidance on all business-related matters in the greater Los Angeles area, call 818-519-4465.  Consultations are always free and it is very easy to schedule a meeting with one of Leiva Law’s Spanish-speaking, bilingual attorneys.

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