Is Your Business a Hostile Work Environment
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Is Your Business a Hostile Work Environment?

Running a business has many challenges and this is especially so when a company has employees to manage. Obstacles come from all angles both inside and outside that a business owner has to handle. While having employees is a good sign that your business has the means to pay other people for their work, people are notoriously difficult to be in charge of. Presiding over employees means that you have to find effective ways to get them to do what you want while also ensuring that they are content and don’t feel offended, angry, or threatened even during times where discipline is necessary. All of this also has to occur in a manner that fits the individual you oversee. Because everybody is different you have to adjust the way you govern each unique employee.

How Can You Tell if You Have a Hostile Work Environment?

Is Your Business a Hostile Work EnvironmentEmployee protections and rights are essential to:

  • Supporting worker’s privacy.
  • Ensuring safe working conditions
  • Safeguarding against unfair retribution.
  • Earning at least the minimum wage.
  • Providing appropriate breaks and lunchtime.

It is important that employees know their rights so that they are treated equitably. There are many businesses in California that legitimately have hostile work environments and then there are others that do not but still are accused of creating unreasonable and menacing work conditions.

Business owners have to deal with a vast number of various complaints and legal actions taken against them. In some situations, allegations made are relevant and valid. In other situations, not so much. Yet, regardless of the type of grievance another party has, a business still must take the accusations seriously.

Any of your employees may feel like working for you is offensive and as a result file a lawsuit against you for a hostile workplace. This happens more frequently than you may think and often, an employee will file this type of suit because they don’t have a clear understanding of what technically accounts for a hostile work environment in California. Under the Department of Industrial Relations Labor Enforcement Task Force in California, a hostile work environment is defined as one that:

  • Is highly discriminatory to all protected classes including but not limited to gender, sex, religion, race, and disability.
  • Widespread offensive speech and behavior.
  • Actions that inhibit an employee’s ability to perform the responsibilities of their job or impede career advancement.
  • Human resources or management was made aware of certain behaviors but ignored the complaint doing nothing to correct it.

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Is your business dealing with a hostile work environment allegation in California? If so, the outcome of your case will impact your business so it is critically important that you protect yourself and your business. The Los Angeles business attorneys at the Leiva Law Group can help you overcome your legal challenges. Leiva Law’s California business attorneys have a thorough understanding of the very serious, but complicated laws surrounding workers’ rights. You can easily schedule a free consultation with the Los Angeles business litigation attorneys at Leiva Law to discuss your business’s legal needs at (818) 519-4465. 

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