How to Spot Bad-Faith Negotiation Tactics
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How to Spot Bad-Faith Negotiation Tactics

No matter what you are negotiating, you hope that you are going into the process with good faith. This is not always the situation and whether it is a California settlement or a business partnership, the back and forth can be a lot of work that is also quite monotonous. When a party you are negotiating with attempts to engage in bad faith strategies against you, all the work you have invested in the process may turn out to be all for not. 

When you are prepared to enter into an agreement, there is give and take on all sides to come to an acceptable arrangement approved by all parties. To ensure your valuable time is not taken advantage of and to ensure that you are not having to deal with bad faith tactics, working with an experienced California business attorney will be helpful. A seasoned Los Angeles business attorney can spot these deceitful practices immediately.

What are Common Bad Faith Negotiation Tactics?

How to Spot Bad-Faith Negotiation TacticsTo avoid having your earnest attempts at negotiations sabotaged by bad faith strategies, it is helpful to understand what these tactics are. This will help you better spot them and leave the table sooner rather than later if you notice that they are occurring.

  • Fake negotiations can take place only as a means for one party to gather information on the other, not come to an actual agreement. When you are negotiating, make sure you are working with a person who actually has the power and authority to make decisions. If you are working with a legitimate decision-maker, but the individual won’t be clear and cooperate with answering questions or is prolonging the process with delays, be wary.
  • After you have come to an agreement if another party at the last-minute tries to make changes to the terms of your agreement or tries to get more compromises from you, you have to wonder why. You have to consider if the attempts for more concessions are reasonable or if their timing was to get an unfair advantage.
  • When one party is concealing important information or materials, this can be a very serious issue. This a clear case of bad faith negotiations and dishonesty. 

Your time is precious and so is your business. You do not need to deal with parties that wish to engage in bad faith tactics. These strategies above are compellingly in line with such dishonest practices.

Avoid Bad Faith Negotiations by Working with an Experienced California Business Law Attorney

A knowledgeable California business law attorney will be able to quickly catch any bad faith practices during negotiations. Your Los Angeles business attorney will write agreements with the appropriate provisions so that you and your business are protected. When you are going to the negotiation table, equip yourself with the most effective and sharp business attorney in L.A

When you work with the boutique business law firm in California, Leiva Law, you will secure the most knowledgeable legal support accompanied by meticulous preparation to ensure that your best interests are represented. Call Leiva Law today to discuss your business needs during a free consultation at 818-519-4465. 

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