How To Protect Yourself When A Lawsuit Is Imminent
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How To Protect Yourself When A Lawsuit Is Imminent

If you think that your business is about to be sued because of an occurrence at your company or if you have already been served with papers, it is vital that you act quickly to defend yourself, your company, and, by extension, any information that could be related to the lawsuit.

Collecting and maintaining paperwork is a necessary start to defending yourself. In court, it is possible for there to be harsh punishments if you have neglected to save all of the evidence that is related to your lawsuit, documentary or otherwise. There are four elements to think about before the lawsuit kicks off to make certain that you will not be blamed for hiding information.

Four Things to Think About if You Are Expecting a Lawsuit

How To Protect Yourself When A Lawsuit Is Imminent

Hire Counsel

Retaining an attorney will go a long way to protecting you and your company. An accomplished attorney will know the ins and outs of California’s legal system and will be able to counsel you on the best way to prepare for any lawsuit that you think is headed your way. An attorney might also be able to help you circumvent your legal troubles before they even get started.

Remember Electronic Communications

While you are collecting all of your paperwork and documents that are pertinent to the event, it is essential to remember that not all documents are on paper. In today’s enterprising economy, it is approximated that 95% of recently created documents are actually on an electronic medium. Emails, call logs, voicemails, instant chats, and text and picture messages are all viewed as documents and, therefore, evidence.

Begin your quest for documentation on your company’s main server. Then, check the computer of any associates who might possibly have been included in the event. It may turn out that you have to look at their personal cellphones, computers, and external flash drives. Gather all electronic documentation that you find and bring it to your initial consultation with your attorney.

Security Cameras and Other Office Equipment

Besides the electronic communications mentioned above, do not forget any other equipment that your business regularly uses. Company surveillance cameras, printers, GPS systems, fax machines, and employee keycards can all reveal important information that is vital to your case. Usually, information is only held by this kind of equipment for a short amount of time so it is crucial to act immediately.

Protect Passwords

If relevant, you will also need to ask your employees to create new passwords in order to protect against unapproved access to your company’s private data. Overall, asking your employees to create new passwords from time to time can shield your company records from being manipulated or made available outside of your company’s walls. It is also wise to ask your employees to lock their computers whenever they are not at their desks.

Maintaining thorough records is one of the most reliable ways of protecting yourself and your company should your business get sued. Record retention is very critical when you suddenly expect a lawsuit. For help with planning for impending litigation and safeguarding your company, reach out to the experienced business attorneys at Leiva Law Firm by calling 818-519-4465 today. Our attorneys speak both English and Spanish.



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