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How to Prepare for a California Business Lawsuit

The best time to get yourself ready for a business lawsuit is before it occurs. You should be prepared before your company is a party to a lawsuit or before you file a lawsuit against another person or entity. It is important to bear in mind that the majority of business attorneys charge you by the hour so the more prepared you are when you meet with your California business litigation attorney, the more cost-effectively your he or she will be able to represent you. Meticulous record-keeping and organization of your pertinent documents are ideal ways for you to assist your attorney. 

Listed below are a few suggestions on ways to accomplish this.

Maintain a Comprehensive Calendar

How to Prepare for a California Business Lawsuit

Most people have no idea how vital it is to maintain a detailed calendar of what they have done, when they did it, and where their actions took place they have been until it is too late and they are entangled in a lawsuit. A meticulously maintained calendar will be able to establish where you were, when you were there, and what you were doing. Furthermore, in cases that are dealing with fraud, a crucial issue is oftentimes what information was provided and exactly when it was provided. Cases frequently hinge on when specific information was provided from one person to another. 

Take and Save Notes on All Discussions

Both juries and judges appreciate people who take detailed notes. It appears to be a popular opinion that those who take the time to take notes are precise, trustworthy, and dependable. When you have a witness who claims that they recall exactly what someone said more than three years ago, even though they never took any notes, they are usually seen as being suspicious. 

Hang On to Older Reports and Unused Drafts

The intentions of a person at a particular point in time is a problem that is not uncommon during business litigation. Usually, the intent of the person in question is able to be established by what was added to or removed from a contract. Although it may sound tedious to maintain out-of-date documents and old copies of drafts that never amounted to anything, the bit of effort it takes to scan and electronically save them for possible future reference is worth the effort.

Provide a Timeline for Your Business Litigation Attorney

Prior to meeting with your California business litigation attorney, write out a timeline of all applicable events. Your accurate record-keeping and note-taking should make it fairly easy to fill your attorney in on the details of your case.

Adhering to these basic guidelines could be the difference between winning your case or losing it. If you or your company are being sued or anticipate filing a suit of your own, Leiva Law Firm deals with a wide assortment of business litigation matters. 

Our reputable, licensed corporate attorneys have represented clients in federal court, civil court, and binding arbitrations. We will know the proper steps to take to ensure that any pending litigation ends in the most favorable way possible. 

Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation today by contacting us at 818-519-4465 as soon as possible. Our attorneys speak both English and Spanish.

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