How to Handle Insurance Company Harassment
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How to Handle Insurance Company Harassment

If you were in contact with your California insurance provider to file a claim for coverage but they are unwilling to work with you and give you a realistic amount of money for your damages, this is a frustrating situation to encounter. The first thing that claimants should know about insurance companies is their unwillingness to fairly pay people for their harm. If an insurance adjuster can outright deny a claim or close a claim by paying a claimant very little then this is always the preferred outcome. That is, for the insurance company but not so much for the claimant.

Typically, an insurance adjuster will come off as friendly and compassionate. This is intentional. But, as time progresses and a claimant with a valid claim for converge lingers with the claimant holding out for a fair settlement, then the insurance company’s approach could quickly take an unfriendly and unsettling turn. If the adjuster begins harassing you, you do not have to stand for that treatment and take their abuse. You can call on the Los Angeles insurance claim attorneys at the Leiva Law Firm for help in this situation.

How Can Harassment By An Insurance Adjuster Happen?

How to Handle Insurance Company HarassmentWorking with an attorney in situations where an insurance company is involved is recommended. There are several advantages to having an experienced and trained legal mind on your side when you are trying to get the most out of an insurance claim for compensation. One of the benefits is the knowledge of the attorney to assess one’s claim and put a fair value to it. Because a victim may not know all the damages that they have for which they are entitled to secure financial compensation and also how much compensation is appropriate, they may be vulnerable to accepting much lower compensation than they deserve.

However, it is not required to have an attorney. In some situations, a person may feel confident in their ability to calculate the value of their claim. When this happens, a person may decide that they will handle the process on their own. As such, when an insurance adjuster offers a settlement that is much lower than the actual costs suffered, there is room to negotiate.

When the back and forth drags on and you are only getting minimal offers that are not acceptable, you may decide to elevate your case and file a legal suit. At this point the insurance adjuster has to change their tactics and instead of coming off as sincere and nice, they now become aggressive and start harassing you. They call you every day at all different hours. They make threats and they repeatedly bother you in a hostile manner.

At this point, it is time to think about getting a Los Angles civil attorney at Leiva Law involved to remedy the situation and stop the insurance adjuster from engaging in such a manner.

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If you are the victim of insurance company harassment, you can call on the Los Angeles personal injury attorney at the Leiva Law Firm to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case. Call Leiva Law Firm today at (818) 519-4465.

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