How to Conduct Effective Due Diligence When Buying or Selling a Business in California
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How to Conduct Effective Due Diligence When Buying or Selling a Business in California

Buying or selling a business can mean a new chapter in one’s life. It can be the end of a successful endeavor for other opportunities, or it can be the start of an entrepreneurial future. Though, both buyers and sellers must exercise due diligence in the decisions and actions that they take. Due diligence is critically important to business transactions. 

If you are a buyer looking to purchase an established business in California or if you are a business owner ready to sell your organization, the Los Angeles business attorneys at Leiva Law Firm can help.

The Importance of Due Diligence in Business Transactions

How to Conduct Effective Due Diligence When Buying or Selling a Business in CaliforniaFor buyers, due diligence is a chance to thoroughly review every aspect of a business to make sure it is sound, meets established objectives, and would be a worthwhile investment. For sellers, it is validation that their California business is both valuable and desired by others.

Due diligence means that one will go through a series of detailed and meticulous steps to examine a business. Both assets and liabilities must be investigated. Additionally, it is imperative to conduct a review to determine if a business has a projection of profitability, and commercial viability, and is competitive.

Sellers can engage in due diligence by conducting a fair and honest review of the fitness of their operations. Gathering all documentation and making sure that everything is accurate and complete is essential. It is helpful that a business has records that are organized and reflect on it positively. While highlighting all the good points of a business can bring buyers to the table, it is also just as critical for sellers to know their business’s weaknesses and what potential issues a buyer could find. By balancing the positive and the negative aspects of a business, a seller will know what makes their business strong and attractive to buyers and how to handle issues that may be displeasing.

When a seller has an accurate accounting of their entire business, the good and the bad, they can better see their business the way that a potential buyer would. This puts them in the best position to appeal to qualified and serious buyers. The sales process may move along much more efficiently in terms of time and cost as a result.

Buyers engage in due diligence by first knowing what exactly they want. They should have a firm grasp on what their goals are, what their non-negotiables are, and what their deal-breakers will be. Buyers should scrutinize everything from a business’s financial records to its possible legal liabilities. Buyers should examine existing logistics and operations and also take the time to evaluate a business’s future growth and position in its industry.

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Conducting due diligence takes time and effort, but is a necessary step for both buyers and sellers.  Working with a professional can support buyers and sellers by offering critical guidance, and advice, and providing legal protections. A lawyer can also assist in streamlining the entire process.

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