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Getting Help with Unfair Competition Laws in California

There are many things to expect when you go into business for yourself, one of them is going to be competition. Providing a superior and well-liked service or product that draws attention and support from customers helps your business stay competitive. Competition occurs in every industry and is an expected part of operating a business. Sometimes, though, a competitor engages in acts that are either unfair or unlawful and behaviors that are fraudulent to get the edge over rivals. When this happens, if a business is found to be deceitful in the way that they conduct their operations to gain an advantage, they could potentially be held legally responsible for their conduct.

California’s unfair competition laws protect legitimate businesses from attacks by other businesses that are unlawful. If you believe that a competitor of yours is acting in a way that is fraudulent and unfair, you may be able to have them held accountable for what they are doing. It isn’t an easy job to prove that a company is violating California’s unfair competition laws, which is why when this situation takes place, working with a knowledgeable California business litigation attorney will be immensely helpful. 

Why Is Proving Unfair Competition in California So Hard?

Getting Help with Unfair Competition Laws in CaliforniaUnless there is clear and explicit evidence showing that a business competitor is not being fair with the way they are managing their operations, building a case against the business owner requires a trained and experienced legal professional to assess the situation properly. Any time one company comes into an area and starts attracting a customer base from another company, it is natural for the company losing patrons to feel angry and upset. As a result, a business owner may come to the conclusion that the only way that this scenario is happening is because of illegal activities.

It is critical that if you believe a California business is acting unlawfully and they are actively trying to harm your business, that you speak with a Los Angeles business litigation attorney. Having a knowledgeable Los Angeles business and civil attorney examine your case can provide more insight into if there really is an unfair competition happening or if there isn’t enough evidence to show that a case can be made. However, if there are unfair competition practices taking place, then a proficient attorney will know how to preserve it and make the best use of it when your case goes to court.

Leiva Law is a Los Angeles business and civil litigation firm that will discuss the details of your case with you and look over any evidence that may exist to determine if you should begin the legal process and file a suit against another party. No business should be able to take advantage of their competition by crooked and dishonest means. To protect your interests allow the California business attorneys at the Leiva Law Group.

Speak with an Experienced Los Angeles Business Litigation Attorney

To learn more about what your options are for protecting your business and stopping another party’s illegal acts against you, please call the Los Angeles small business attorneys at the Leiva Law Firm at (818) 519-4465 to schedule your free consultation.

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