Getting Compensation When a Slip and Fall Accident Happens Near a Warning Sign in California
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Getting Compensation When a Slip and Fall Accident Happens Near a Warning Sign in California

There are certain types of surfaces that can be very slick to walk on. Knowing that a surface could be slippery is essential to minimize the risk of slipping and falling. Slip and fall accidents can produce tremendous physical bodily harm, and, for some populations, fatal injuries. 

It is the duty of a property owner to keep their premises reasonably safe. If someone is injured due to a failure to maintain a property or to properly inform the public of known issues, then this can lead to a premise liability suit being filed.

Premise liability suits can be tricky because it must be shown that there was a hazard on a property and that a property owner was negligent in addressing it. Also, it must be proven that the injuries that a victim sustained were from the accident that happened on the property.

If you would like assistance with a premise liability claim or you would like to have your slip and fall experience evaluated by an attorney, please reach out to the Los Angeles personal injury attorneys at Leiva Law Firm today.

Slip and Fall Accidents and Warning Signs

Getting Compensation When a Slip and Fall Accident Happens Near a Warning Sign in CaliforniaProperty owners are responsible for the upkeep of their premises and in doing so should regularly check to make sure all is safe for people to enter. If there are issues, then a property owner must fix them in a timely manner or provide a warning to visitors that a hazard exists.

So what happens if you slip and fall on a wet floor that has a warning sign? Does this bar you from being able to obtain compensation? A wet floor warning sign could be sufficient in some situations and under certain circumstances. But in other instances, a wet floor sign may not be sufficient to provide adequate notification of the peril. 

Situations where a wet floor warning sign may not be enough to shield a property owner from liability when a slip and fall accident takes place, include:

  • The sign was placed in a location where it was not visible in the area where the slippery floor was.
  • The sign alone was not a satisfactory level of warning because the property was extremely dangerous.
  • There was a delay in putting the sign out after a slippery floor was identified.
  • There was at least one or more other defects on the property in addition to the slippery floor.
  • The property owner let the sign sit near the slippery floor but took no action to remedy the dangerous problem.

There are several instances where simply having a slippery floor warning sign is not adequate. In some situations, a warning sign may not provide reasonable notification of the need for caution. When this is true, a person who is injured in a slip and fall accident could be successful in obtaining compensation by filing a California personal injury claim against a property owner.

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The presence of a slippery floor warning sign does not automatically mean you will be unable to secure financial compensation for your losses after a slip-and-fall accident in California.

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