Examples of California Business Disputes
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Examples of California Business Disputes

Business disputes in California force business owners to take their attention and time away from their daily operations and functioning of their company. They are an unwelcome part of doing business but they happen all the time in both large and small businesses. It is important though, for business owners to have experienced and strategic legal representation for many things including representation and guidance in the event of a dispute. When you work with Leiva Law, a knowledgeable California business law firm you will have the strongest legal support helping you resolve your dispute as quickly as possible with as little damage to your business and as affordably as possible.

What Type of Business Disputes Can Arise for Business Owners in California?

Examples of California Business DisputesThe California business attorneys at the Leiva Law Group handle many different types of business disputes. Some of the matters that the Leiva Law Group can take care of for you include:

  • Breach of contract issues and disputes about contracts
  • Disagreements between shareholders
  • Oppression of shareholders
  • Issues between partners
  • Disputes between businesses
  • Violations of Fiduciary Duty
  • Limited Liability Company member-owner opposition
  • Disagreements between a company and its suppliers 
  • Problems that arise between a company and its customers
  • Inappropriate job classification of Independent contractor and employees
  • All lawsuits that challenge a business’s best interests

As you can see there are many situations that can arise for business owners in California that could be significantly problematic. Without the right legal counsel, a business dispute that may have at one point seemed insignificant can actually turn out to be a very serious problem. There are many benefits to resolving business disputes quickly and effectively. The attorneys at Leiva Law understand how detrimental these situations can be to a business’s reputation and operations which is why the Los Angeles business attorneys at Leiva Law will work to provide you with the most calculated response necessary to resolve your dispute.

Speak with a California Business Attorney Today

Leiva Law has extensive experience helping Los Angeles businesses with all of their corporate law and general business litigation needs. The Los Angeles small business attorneys will work diligently to ensure your best interests are represented and when you are dealing with a business dispute, find an agreeable resolution as soon as possible and for the least amount of financial resources.

You don’t have to tackle the legal challenges that come along with running your company alone. Your time is best spent on keeping your business running and thriving. Working with Leiva Law,  you can be sure that the goals that you want to have accomplished will be clearly defined and that you will have your situation negotiated by an accomplished and experienced legal professional.

To learn more about your legal options when it comes to resolving a business dispute, you can schedule a free consultation with one of the talented attorneys at Leiva Law by calling 818-519-4465.  The Leiva Law Firm is headed by Marlene Leiva. Leiva Law Firm is a boutique business law firm serving companies throughout the Los Angeles area.

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