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Do Small Businesses Need a Lawyer?

Starting a business is a risky decision and one that comes with numerous considerations. As a small business owner, figuring out every aspect of how your business functions is your job. New business owners typically do not have highly paid and experienced teams advising them on running their operations. This means that a business owner will have to wear many hats and have an answer to every situation that arises even those that are legal challenges.

A common question that new business owners have is if they actually need to have a relationship with a business attorney. Often, small business entrepreneurs will forgo hiring an attorney because they worry about the costs of the legal services. At the beginning of a business enterprise, there is no guarantee of profit and so putting funds towards legal counsel may seem daunting.

In reality, meeting with a small business attorney is an important step for new business owners. Many times, not getting the details right when starting a company can prove to be costly in the long term. An attorney will be able to advise a small business owner properly to avoid these pitfalls. During the course of running a business, it is not an uncommon situation to be sued by a patron of your service. Responding to these legal suits is best done with the help of a trusted small business attorney.

When Do You Need an Attorney as a Small Business Owner in California?

Do Small Businesses Need a LawyerThere are several steps to developing an idea for a new business in California to also making those ideals real and starting a business. Along the way, many things can be done without the help of legal counsel. However, there are also quite a few situations where having the help of a Los Angeles small business attorney will ensure that the right actions and decisions are made. Taking the correct course of action for some things can minimize headaches and costly legal battles down the road.

When you are starting a business in Los Angeles, you do not necessarily need legal counsel to do the following:

  • Researching and developing a detailed business plan.
  • Deciding on a name for your business.
  • Creating a legal structure for your business.
  • Starting a website and confirming a domain.
  • Hiring employees, independent contractors, and other support personnel.
  • Picking vendors.
  • Obtaining an employer identification number.
  • Developing marketing and advertising materials.
  • Coming up with a brand identity and slogan.
  • Constructing an effective marketing plan.

A Los Angeles business lawyer is needed is when the following occurs:

  • An employee sues based on alleged discrimination.
  • Your business is implicated in an environmental issue.
  • Your business is under investigation for violations.
  • Selling your company.
  • Acquiring another company or buying another company’s assets.

Speak with a Los Angeles Small Business Attorney Today

The Leiva Law Firm is a Los Angeles business law firm that can help you if you are facing legal challenges that require experienced legal counsel. To learn more about how a Los Angeles business lawyer can help you with your business’s needs please call Leiva Law Firm to schedule a free consultation at (818) 519-4465.

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