Can A California Corporation Change Its Name
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Can A California Corporation Change Its Name?

There may come a time when it is necessary to change the name of a corporation. Perhaps, the current name has amassed too much bad press, or maybe you are starting a new venture after bankruptcy. Regardless of your reasons for a name change, if you live and operate your corporation in California, Articles of Ammendents must be filed with the state. When the state approves that filing, then you are all set and you can begin functioning and operating under the new name.

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What Steps Must Be Taken to Change a Corporation Name in California?

Can A California Corporation Change Its NameIf you have your reasons for changing the name of your corporation in California, the following steps must take place:

  1. Connect with each of the board of directors to schedule a meeting that works for everyone’s timetable.
  2. Develop a Certificat of Amendment in the Articles of Incorporation.
  3. Pay the $30 filing fee with the California secretary of state to file a Certificate of Amendment of Articles of Incorporation that observe sections 900-910 of the California Corporations Code.

Changing a California corporation’s name does not happen immediately. It will take some time, but not an extensive amount. After mailing in your paperwork, you should expect about a two-month timeframe for everything to be processed.

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Every detail matters when running a corporation including its name. The name of a company can be impactful both negatively and positively. For example, before we had “Google” there was “Backrub,” the company’s founding name. Although it did not last long at all before Google came about, when you compare the two names, it is reasonable to say that the search engine likely made a wise strategic move. Google made a course correction with respect to their established designation.

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