Can a Business Owner Be Liable for Website Accessibility
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Can a Business Owner Be Liable for Website Accessibility?

When you are a modern business owner, you may only operate your business online or you may have at least one physical location. If you operate entirely online, then your website is your storefront and is vital to your operations and being successful. Even if you do not particularly operate online and focus more on in-person interactions in your store or your physical location, then here too, also having a website makes for a critical marketing tool that can help your business prosper.

In today’s age of doing business, it is almost unavoidable not to have an online presence in some form or another. You may use various media sharing and social media services like Pinterest, Snapchat, and Facebook in addition to a website, or you may only work through various platforms in lieu of a website. Regardless of your approach, the important thing to remember is that as a business owner, whatever you do has the potential to be vulnerable to legal challenges. This could include your online presence.

If you are a resident of California with a business that is facing some type of legal challenge, it is important to have experienced support and assistance on your side in responding to such a situation. The Los Angles business litigation lawyer at the Leiva Law Firm has the seasoned and resourceful legal team you want representing your interests and helping you obtain the best outcome possible.

How a Business Can Be Liable for Their Website

Can a Business Owner Be Liable for Website AccessibilityOf all the things a business owner does, establishing and maintaining a website to market their services or products would seem like the last thing that could cause a problem. Even though the chances of having an issue with a website over another aspect of business functioning may seem unusual, it can happen. 

The Americans with Disabilities Act was put in place as a protection and safeguard for disabled people so that they have their rightful equal access to accommodations and facilities. These days, the importance of doing a web search can not be understated. The grand majority of people will turn to the internet when they have a question about something or are looking for a particular service or product.

As a result of the significance of websites to the everyday public, questions arise regarding the duty that business owners have to ensure that their website is ADA-compliant. In other words, the business owner is responsible for making their website accessible to individuals with disabilities.

There is a wide interpretation and varying opinions of the role of websites and their accessibility in the courts. However, there can be an argument made that if a website limits a person’s ability to access and function in a business’s physical location, then a business owner could have a legal problem on their hands. This is why if you have a business that uses a website connected to your physical location, then website accessibility could be a significant issue to consider. Not only does accessibility pose a potential legal liability for a company, but practically speaking, websites are meant to be productive for business owners driving as many potential customers in as possible. Greater accessibility may be able to accomplish this objective.

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