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California Non-Disclosure Changes for 2022

Business owners and entrepreneurs are likely very familiar with non-disclosure agreements. These contracts are commonly used by companies to protect their interests, intellectual property, and their reputation. However, as the climate of the culture changes, so does the laws. 

The “Me Too” movement is one of these national campaigns that brought to light sexual discrimination in the workplace. Now, the state of California has adjusted the provisions of what a business can expect to require of their employees in terms of secrecy when it comes to workplace harassment.

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Updates to Non-Disclosure Agreements

California Non-Disclosure Changes for 2022Employee rights have been evolving in the state of California. In 2018, legislation was established that gave more freedom to victims of harassment and discrimination on the job to take appropriate actions. The “Stand Against Non-Disclosure Act” made it possible for those that experienced sexual assault and harassment, discrimination, and other forms of unacceptable abuse to respond legally to address their grievances. But, these individuals were not permitted to make their experience public under the non-disclosure agreement standards that existed at the time.

Now, non-disclosure protections are being modified again. By January 1, 2022, businesses must understand that if an employee is abused at work, not only can they respond legally but they also do not have to keep the incident confidential any longer. California Senate Bill 331 was labeled the “Silenced No  More Act.” What this legislation does is allow victims to be able to speak about the mistreatment that they suffered and their employer cannot stop them from doing so. 

Employees can now talk about workplace harm such as:

  • Sexual assault.
  • Sexual badgering and harassment.
  • Discrimination.
  • Harassment related to discrimination.
  • Employers take retaliatory actions against employees that make their experience public.

It is the duty of every business to provide a safe and comfortable working environment for their employees where they are free from harm. Also, employees should be treated fairly and with respect. While many businesses take the treatment of their employees very seriously, there are others that may not be as ethical.

Silence is no longer allowed as a condition of a person to keep their job or to get the promotions and pay increases they have earned. So, employers are going to be forced into transparency with their operations. Only time will tell, but this could prove to be a good thing with respect to workers’ rights and protections.

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