California Healthcare Attorney
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California Healthcare Attorney

The Healthcare Industry in California and the United States, in general, is one of the most complicated and ever-changing industries in existence.  This industry is probably the highest regulated industry in existence with thousands upon thousands of Federal and state laws and regulations in place.  

These laws and regulations control every aspect of the Healthcare Industry from billion dollar health insurance companies, to mergers and acquisitions of major hospitals, to the creation of a small family medical practice in a small town in California.  

To navigate this industry, businesses need an experienced California healthcare attorney on their side.  Not only should you have your own healthcare attorney on retainer, but her phone number should also be on speed-dial given the ever-changing laws and regulations that affect the Healthcare Industry. The attorney’s at Leiva Law are here to defend your rights and business. 

Cost of Healthcare in California

The amount of money spent in the Healthcare Industry alone is huge.  In 2014 alone (the last year data was available), $292 billion was spent on health care or $7,549 per person.  Given this amount of money, you can imagine the amount of healthcare-related businesses that are created and sold every day in California.  As you can imagine, the complexities of starting or purchasing an existing medical practice would be staggering.  

There are resources out there for young doctors who want to start their own practice; however, it is still very complicated and should not be done alone.  This is where you would need an experienced health care lawyer to take your hand and walk you through each stage of beginning your new practice.

Cases Covered by Healthcare Attorneys

There are a myriad of needs that an experienced California healthcare attorney would be able to help with establishing a medical practice or purchasing an existing medical practice.  An attorney would help with negotiating the purchase terms, drafting the sales agreements with regard to the business property, equipment, intellectual property assets, employment contracts, leases– anything and everything that would be involved in the creation or California Healthcare Attorneypurchase of a medical practice.  

An experienced healthcare attorney would also help with coding and billing requirements and regulations as they related to getting paid by healthcare insurance companies and Medicaid and Medicare.  The lawyer could help with creating forms that the practice would need in relation to HIPAA policies and procedures, medical documentation and confidentiality requirements.  Finally, a lawyer can help with employment-related issues such as negotiating employment contracts for hire, non-compete clauses, human resource policies and procedures for the efficient management of staff.

California Healthcare Lawyer

Given the complexities involved, and the various and never-ending legal issues that face members of California’s Healthcare Industry, having an experienced health care lawyer on your side is a necessity.  

The lawyers and staff at Leiva Law Firm have been helping medical providers and healthcare industry businesses for 25 years to skirt the minefields in the laws and regulations.  If you need an experienced healthcare attorney to help with acquisitions and sales of healthcare practices, corporation and partnership disputes, employer/employee matters lease agreements, and sales-back issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Let our experience help you make your healthcare business a success.

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