Best Questions to Ask a Prospective Business Attorney
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Best Questions to Ask a Prospective Business Attorney

Business size is not what necessitates the use of a good attorney. Businesses large and small, in the course of running their company can easily face a wide variety of internal and external legal challenges. Even when it comes to setting up standards and procedures for how a business is run can benefit from an attorney’s experienced insight.

If you live in the state of California, using a local business attorney to your region who understands the landscape and has helped protect other companies when lawsuits are filed is a good idea. In Los Angeles, Leiva Law is a Los Angeles business law firm led by Marlene Leiva that can provide you with innovative legal solutions that get the best results. As a unique boutique law firm that serves a diverse portfolio of businesses and government agencies, Leiva Law can help protect you and your company’s interests with unparalleled service.

What are the Most Important Questions to Ask a Prospective Business Attorney?

Best Questions to Ask a Prospective Business AttorneyBusiness owners have to wear many hats when running their companies and when legal challenges arise, having trusted legal counsel there for support is a necessary component of operations. When a business owner is looking for a qualified attorney, they should keep in mind that the person chosen will be one with who they can build a long-term relationship. 

The following questions can help business owners narrow down and find the right attorney to call on when legal counsel is necessary:

  • What types of activities are you involved in within the community?
  • What professional and civic organizations do you belong to?
  • Do you have referrals?
  • How long have you been practicing law in the community?
  • What do you like best about practicing the law in the region?
  • What made you go into business law?
  • Have you worked with companies similar to mine?
  • What areas of business law do you have specific expertise in? You will generally do the best with an attorney that has knowledge of the following practice areas:
  • What is your approach when one of your clients is experiencing issues?
  • What is your fee structure?
  • If you disagree with a direction that I want to go in, how will you handle that situation?
  • How do you communicate with your clients? 

In addition to these questions that are helpful for you to ask, you should also take note of the attorney’s firm. What does the environment inside the firm look like? Checking to see if it is clean, orderly, and well-kept can give you some insight into the way the firm runs and how it is managed. Also, think about how you feel when you are speaking with the attorney. You should feel comfortable with the person and believe that you can develop a functional and confidential rapport with them. 

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