Avoiding the Most Common Business Lawsuits
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Avoiding the Most Common Business Lawsuits

Defending your business against lawsuits has the potential to be disastrous for any company. You have to protect yourself against even the most trivial litigation, particularly in today high-speed and ever-growing business world. There is simply no way to make your company unassailable from any and all litigation, but there are ways that you can considerably lessen the possibility of being sued and the economic impact that would have on your business.

The experienced attorneys at Leiva Law Firm are able to help advise and defend your company against business litigation before it even occurs. While it isn’t possible to guard against all litigation, you are able to guard against the most frequent legal grievances against businesses. Business attorneys regularly defend against the following lawsuits:

  • Breach of Contract Claims – Sometimes business enter into contracts that aren’t in their best interests, or they run out of the money they were relying on to satisfy their responsibilities. The business lawyers at Leiva Law Firm can evaluate and outline the terms of any suggested contracts and incorporate specific emergency indemnification and liquidated damage clauses to decrease the expense of or limit litigation.
  • Intellectual Property Claims – Your company’s intellectual property is an important benefit. Previous employees might have disagreements concerning the possession of intellectual property that was produced while they were employed by your company. The business lawyers at Leiva Law Firm are able to assist you in protecting your intellectual property by drawing up several various contracts like confidentiality and invention assignment contracts.
  • Wrongful Termination and Employee Discrimination Claims – Wrongful termination claims are complicated constitutional, federal, and state claims that are regularly filed against companies. Many companies that discharge troublesome employees or turn down minority or disabled candidates find themselves facing employment lawsuits. The business lawyers at Leiva Law Firm recognize the characteristics of state and federal employment disability, discrimination, and termination laws and can help your business make sure that it is in agreement with all of these laws.
  • Wage and Hour Litigation – Is it better to offer your employees hourly pay or give them a salary? This is probably the most basic question that employers ask themselves when they hire a new employee. Employees, however, are not classified as hourly or salary, they are classified as exempt or non-exempt and it is very critical that a company does not misclassify any of its employees. Do you want to give all of your employees health insurance? What about California overtime laws? Even an accidental violation of federal, state, or local wage laws can result in your company being sued. The lawyers at Levia Law Firm are able to advise clients on practical employment practices and policies.

Prevent Business Lawsuits Before They’re Filed

Avoiding the Most Common Business LawsuitsThe best way to avoid litigation is to secure legal counsel from a reputable attorney with the Levia Law Firm. Our attorneys are able to help stop litigation from the moment they begin helping you. They will work with you and advise you on any possible legal vulnerability to which your business may be exposed. You can obey every tax law and send out a proper notice regarding every employment regulation, but in spite of your valiant efforts, you can still be taken to court.

If you want to ensure that your business is as protected from potential litigation as it can possibly be, please get in touch with the Leiva Law Firm by calling 818-519-4465. We have an extensive background in helping businesses avoid liability and drawing up precise and enforceable business agreements and contracts. We can help you examine your legal rights in Spanish or in English.

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