Alternative Options to Court for California Business Disputes
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Alternative Options to Court for California Business Disputes

No one wants to have to deal with a drawn-out battle when they have a dispute with another party. This includes business owners who have to deal with business disputes. Like anyone, coming to a resolution sooner than later is preferable. When any case cannot be solved outside of the courts, litigation in the courts will ensue. Fighting it out through the court system can be highly complex, very expensive, extremely time-intensive, and the outcome of a case is unpredictable as it is in the hands of a judge and jury to decide. 

Personal injury claims are some of the most common claims filed across the country. Because of all of these considerations mentioned above, the great majority of these claims are managed and agreements are made outside of the courts. Similarly, parties involved in business disputes will also favor an alternative to court litigation. If you have a business dispute and want to explore your options for coming to a resolution in the most painless and seamless way possible, contact the California business lawyers at Leiva Law.

What are the Alternatives to Court in California?

Luckily, if you have a business dispute in California, you may be able to come to an agreeable solution without stepping a foot in a courtroom. The most common alternatives to finding a solution to your dispute are California mediation and arbitration. These methods are both worth the time to learn about and understand, and it is important to know that they are distinctly different processes. 

If you believe that you can work out your situation with the other party with whom you have contention, mediation may be the right path to consider. This informal process puts contesting parties in the same room with the help of an experienced Canoga Park business dispute attorney or a retired judge to help guide the parties towards a resolution. At the end of the meeting, the agreement that is determined will be one that the parties had a part in determining and have both signed on to.

In some situations, mediation can end without a solution that both parties see eye to eye on. For this reason, mediation is not likely to be the best route for parties that are stubborn in their views and dead set against each other. If there does not appear to be any ability to compromise or work together respectfully, mediation is probably not going to result in an agreement.

Arbitration is like an unceremonious court proceeding and as such, the parties involved give up their ability to own the outcome. The arbitrator will hear both sides of a case and come to a conclusion. It will not matter if the individuals agree with the decision or not. Finding a solution will generally go much faster through the arbitration process but there may still be high costs associated with it. Additionally, there is no ability to appeal the decision that is made.

Where Can You Find a California Business Dispute Attorney?

Alternative Options to Court for California Business DisputesWhen you need to come to a dispute resolution quickly and with minimized costs, you increase your chances of obtaining the desired outcome when you work with a California business dispute attorney at Leiva Law. Contact the California general counsel lawyers at Leiva Law at 818-519-4465 to schedule your free consultation today.


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