5 Common Legal Issues Small Business Owners Face in Los Angeles
May 3 2023 0

5 Common Legal Issues Small Business Owners Face in Los Angeles

Running your business and staying competitive while also abiding by all relevant business laws can be a great challenge for an entrepreneur. It can be easy to make a misstep and find yourself facing a lawsuit or, perhaps, in the position to file one. Legal disputes are not what any business owner looks forward to dealing with, as they can be time-consuming and put a strain on the business’s finances. 

It can be easy to get caught up in day-to-day operations and, as a result, either forget to ensure that everything is right within the law or put such quality assurance checks off until later. However, not ensuring that everything is in order and complies with business laws can make for a really big headache in the future. It is always best to be proactive and stay on top of regulations to minimize the chances of having to face a legal challenge down the road.

If you are a business owner in California, you undoubtedly have a lot on your plate. In the event that you have found yourself in a legal dispute, the Los Angeles business litigation attorneys at the Leiva Law Firm can provide you with the legal representation you need to protect your rights.

Legal Challenges That California Businesses Can Face

5 Common Legal Issues Small Business Owners Face in Los AngelesDiversity

There is no doubt that one of the things that make America a great and opportunistic country is its incredible diversity, and California is one of the most diverse states in the nation. As a result, for all of its benefits, there are challenges to multiculturalism too. Businesses have to work hard to ensure that their operations are open to everyone and are not discriminatory. Having specific policies in place to avoid discrimination is helpful. Additionally, depending on the type of work a business does, it could be advantageous to have some employees that are bilingual so that a greater breadth of customers can be accommodated.

Picking the Right Legal Structure

New businesses have many choices they have to iron out. A big one is determining what legal structure will be most appropriate for your business. This is a critical decision because the way that a business functions, is managed, and taxed are all products of its initial structure.

Employment Law

Whether it’s having a detailed employee handbook, establishing strict hiring procedures, or adhering to the right wage and hour laws, any slight misstep related to employment law can quickly lead to a legal dispute.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property can be a critical part of your business. The unique processes, inventions, symbols, and other works that your business creates have to be protected from infringement. And while you have to look out for your intellectual property, you also have to make sure you are not violating anyone else’s rights and property.

Tax Planning

Businesses are responsible for paying many different types of tax, and if tax laws are being violated, a tax audit will likely ensue. An audit can cause immense trouble for a business that doesn’t have its tax information organized or that didn’t comply with regulations.

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