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3 Must-Have Documents When Traveling With Kids

It doesn’t matter if you are sailing, flying, or driving, international travel is usually pretty stressful, particularly if you have kids with you. Due to the fact that different airlines, train companies, and travel companies have differing policies, there are a few essential documents that you need to have with you no matter what your situation to ensure that your trip is as stress-free as possible.

Certain documents, such as a Child Travel Consent form, is not only required but also useful when it comes to keeping your child safe. Child Travel Consent forms decrease the chance of child trafficking or abduction. This keeps kids secure and bars missing children from being taken out of the country. 

Listed below are the three main documents you should have with you to reach your destination without any problems.


3 Must-Have Documents When Traveling With Kids

Children of any age need a valid passport when crossing into a different country. Although kids going by sea or by land are usually able to reach most foreign ports-of-call with their birth certificate, we firmly urge you to obtain a passport anyhow. A passport gives conclusive documentation of citizenship and will assist bypassing security checks and delays when crossing over a country’s borders. Also, with passports being the main form of identification while you are traveling, it is a good idea to get one just in case. 

Child Travel Consent 

A Child Travel Consent document, also referred to as a Letter of Permission to Travel, acts as evidence that a child has legal consent to be traveling without either one or both parents or legal guardians. In the event that a child is traversing a country’s borders on their own or with an adult who is not their parent or their legal guardian, they are required to have a letter of consent that has been signed by both of their parents. 

A Child Travel Consent form is comprised of:

  • Current contact information for the child
  • Current contact information for both parents or legal guardians
  • Travel arrangement for the child (no  parents, one parent, with a group, with a chaperone, etc.)
  • The intended destination of the child

Proof of Relationship

Along with a passport and the consent letter, parents need to also provide some kind of proof of their relationship to the child. This could be a court order, a birth certificate, or a decree of adoption. 

Our qualified California business contract attorneys realize that just a little bit of forethought and planning can take a lot of the everyday stresses and worries out of your travel plans.

Ensure that you have all the documents you need for yourself and your child before you travel by consulting with an experienced contract attorney at Leiva Law Firm. We can answer any questions you may have about what documents you are legally required to take with you on your foreign travels. To schedule a free consultation with a California business attorney, call (818) 519-4465 today. Our attorneys speak both English and Spanish.

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