What to Expect from the California Business Litigation Process
Mar 24 2021 0

Many businesses face legal implications for a number of reasons. Despite this, if your company is being sued it could be the first time you are facing this issue and it is only reasonable to be concerned about and wonder how the process works. Business owners tend to be people who like to be prepared and when it comes to defending themselves and their company, this is important and right. Every case differs but the general outline of how business litigation in California operates can give business owners facing legal issues a more clear idea of what to expect.

Potentially, the most important aspect of combatting a lawsuit against your California business is to be represented by the most trusted, experienced, and knowledgeable California business litigation attorney. Leiva Law is a Los Angeles business litigation law firm that is both skilled and aggressive in defending you and your company so that your legal rights and assets are protected. The Leiva Law Firm has more than 25 years of experience providing effective and forceful legal representation to large and small businesses in Southern California.

How Does the Litigation Process in California Work?

What to Expect from the California Business Litigation ProcessThere are four critical steps to the litigation process in California when a business is facing a lawsuit. How long each stage lasts really depends on the actual case and the intricacy of the case itself. The following gives a brief outline of what you will go through if you and your business is facing a legal challenge:

  1. You contact a Los Angeles litigation attorney and review the details of your case. Whether you are facing a lawsuit or you are mounting one, your professionally licensed Los Angeles legal counsel will guide you on how to proceed. It is crucial that you not delay meeting with an attorney when a legal issue arises because the sooner you act the better. Delays in acting can be very detrimental to your case and may even result in losing your case.
  2. After you meet with your California business litigation attorney to discuss the details of your case, your attorney will file a pleading in court. The discovery phase will begin and gathering evidence and supporting information will start for your side as well as the party that you are either suing or that is suing you.
  3. When your case sees its day in court, it is the plaintiff’s job to prove their accusations. The plaintiff could be you if you are suing another party or the plaintiff could be another entity that is suing you.
  4. The case will conclude at some point, and the aftermath of the conclusion may result in an appeal or a motion to collect compensation based on the verdict.

Speak with a Los Angeles Business Attorney Today

The end result of your case is important to your business’s operations, reputation, and to your ability to run your company well. You can not trust just any law firm, you need the best legal counsel to ensure you are appropriately equipped to handle charges against you as well as mount a case against entities that have done you wrong. The whole process can be very involved and complex, so working with the most skilled business litigation attorneys in Los Angeles is essential. Call the California business attorneys at the Leiva Law Firm today to schedule your free consultation at (818) 519-4465. 

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