How to Keep Your California Dental License When Facing Disciplinary Action
Mar 10 2021 0

It is highly beneficial for dentists in California to develop a relationship with a trusted California dental board defense attorney. Practicing dentistry just as is the case with other professionally licensed medical experts, puts an individual and a practice at high-risk of having complaints, accusations, and requests for discipline issued against them. If these charges are not properly handled, the legal implications for a dentist can be devastating.

The California dental board defense attorneys at Leiva Law understand how to defend Los Angeles dentists from such allegations. Many times, issues a patient has with their dentist have to do with their dissatisfaction related to the care they received, and do not need to be elevated to the level of punishment. Even though this is true, that doesn’t mean that in the long life of practicing dentistry, an assertion made against a dentist in Los Angeles won’t lead to investigation and potential legal implications that can be ruinous for the dental professional. The Los Angeles dental board defense lawyers at Leiva Law will advise you of what actions you can take to avoid such outcomes and will fight to protect your legal rights.

Can a California Dentist Avoid An Administrative Hearing When Accused of Violations?

How to Keep Your California Dental License When Facing Disciplinary ActionAfter you have been accused of a violation, you should contact your Los Angeles dental defense attorney to figure out the best means to have your issue resolved in the most favorable way possible. Normally, when an accusation comes forth your attorney will request an administrative hearing. Before the hearing date, though, there is the chance that you can work out an agreement so you can avoid having to go to your hearing.

When you work with the Los Angeles business attorneys at Leiva Law you will be best equipped to settle your case before you have to go to your administrative hearing. For many cases, this option leads to the most favorable outcome. Avoiding an administrative hearing can save you time and money, not to mention that there are no guarantees. If a settlement can be reached without going to a hearing, you will know that your professional license is not at risk of being revoked.

Some of the outcomes that may result in a settlement are that you could be publicly reprimanded, spend some amount of time on probation, or be issued a citation. Citations, for example, often are only a fine and have the potential to stay off of your public record. Additionally, a citation may not be recognized as a formal punitive measure. If a reprimand is agreed to, it will be public, but it has a shelf life. With time, a California licensing board will have it removed from your record.

Speak with a California Dental Board Defense Attorney Today

Keeping your dental license in California when you have been accused of violations takes the skilled talents of an experienced California dental board defense lawyer to handle either a contest or an appeal. The California business lawyers at Leiva Law have comprehensive knowledge and grasp of all aspects of dental license defense in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles dental license defense attorneys at Leiva Law will fight to protect your rights and keep you from facing unfair penalties. Schedule your free consultation with Leiva Law today at (818) 519-4465. 


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