California Partnership Disputes from Theft
Feb 24 2021 0

Realizing a business partner of your Los Angeles LLC is stealing can be emotional, unsettling, and disappointing. This type of overwhelming situation has great potential to distract owners of an LLC from the important responsibilities that are necessary to keep the business running smoothly. Confronting the situation is something that has to be done correctly, with care, and with a defined approach.

Individuals met with this distressing situation should connect with a California business attorney immediately to learn more about what strategies can be used to resolve the issue. Addressing the problem in the right way can lead to a more expedient settlement in the most cost-effective manner. The Los Angeles business attorneys at Leiva Law have experience helping business owners solve their disputes. Disagreements amongst business partners can result in uncertain circumstances which is why working with a Los Angeles business dispute attorney is essential. The Leiva Law Firm has been helping clients throughout Southern California handle partnership disputes for decades.

What Strategies Could Help Resolve a Partnership Dispute?

California Partnership Disputes from TheftFiguring out how to handle a theft dispute is a task that can be legally challenging. It is important for business owners to know that if they suspect theft is occurring, it is not advisable to make accusations in the absence of absolute, solid proof of the actions. The Los Angeles business litigation attorneys at Leiva Law can examine your situation and counsel you on what documentation is necessary and what type of proof is critical to demonstrate theft. Once all of the pieces are gathered, a business owner can better communicate the problem to the accused partner.

When you have undeniable evidence supporting your claims, you are in the best position to stop the theft. Evidence is the foundation for deciding which strategy is going to have the best outcome based on what your needs are. Potentially the business partner you believe is stealing is a family member or another individual with a special personal relationship to you. This makes the process more complex and requires added sensitivity when working towards the right resolution.

There are many avenues you may want to take depending on the details of your situation. You may want to simply gain restitution, or maybe you want to have the accused individual no longer be a part of the company. Regardless of what your end goals are, the California business attorneys at Leiva Law can negotiate the matter privately and skillfully to meet your desired objectives. Leiva Law can also help you develop safeguards that can protect your business from any future theft issues.

Speak with a California Business Attorney Today

If you find out that corporate funds or some of your business’s assets have been breached and improperly used by your business partner, you have options to resolve the situation. Partnership disputes and problems are very common in the business world. In fact, most partnerships don’t make it past the first five years of creation. It isn’t always easy to regularly agree on the way business functions and in some cases, it may not be disagreements but deceit and unlawfulness that leads to dissolution. Call the Los Angeles business lawyers at the Leiva Law Firm to schedule your free consultation at (818) 519-4465. 


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